Lilly is a 17 year old girl attending the most elite high school in the country on scholarship. Her only goal in life is to have an excellent career in the future and get out of the current dump/apartment she has to call 'home'. At least this is her goal until James Starkfield enters the picture; the current most popular idol in the world and of course he has to attend her school. Mix in the Starkfield agency "Experiment" and Lilly's newfound talent equals a giant grand mess that is in the exact oppisite direction of her goal. Or is it?


1. Chapter 1: Lilly

        “And the highest grade for your Math exam is Lilly with a 110%”. I looked up from my desk as Mrs. Clarise called my name; her brown eyes were flat, they held absolutely no emotion.

That was like all the teachers here at the top high school in the country. The school for the top of the elite, the only reason I was here was by a lucky scholarship.

There was a pause from the class as they all took turns to stare daggers in to my back before resuming whatever business they were doing prior to the announcement except for a tension in the air no one would have thought that those looks were ever there. I hesitantly stood up and fetched my paper before swiftly returning to my seat.
I heard somebody mutter from behind me “Since Lilly got into our high school nobody has been able to claim first place in any school work, sports or extracurricular activities except her”.

I glanced behind me and saw the cheeky grin of my best friend Tracy her gold hair shining like a beacon at the back of the classroom. To anyone else her words would have been rude, but for me I could feel the acute tension that I ha felt diminish into a small throb.

The only reason I could have stayed in this school where I was an outcast from my lack of wealth was due to Tracy.

I watched amused as I noticed all the drooling boys staring transfixed at her, not that I blamed them. Tracy was gorgeous, buttercup gold hair, slightly tanned skin and eyes that shone like sapphires.

“After all” that voice in my head muttered “She is a ridiculously famous model. I don’t even know why she even likes us”…needless to say I really hate my head sometimes.

At that precise moment the piercing beep of the school bell rung signalling our lunch break I quickly stood up and expertly brushed my things into my black messenger bag making my way in to the hallway where I leaned against the door and waited for Tracy.

About 3 minutes later I heard the sound of a crowd of footsteps and smiled at myself as I heard Tracy’s clear voice through a bunch of distinctly male ones
“No thank you Robert I would not like to go out with you”,
“but Tracy…”,
“Yeah Robert Tracy would rather go out with me…”.
That was when I saw Tracy she was the front of at least 5 boys (shall I mention that all their families were rich business tycoons) looking incredibly annoyed.

“Oh Lil thank goodness you waited for me” she said rolling her eyes to the gaggle of boys behind her “can you please leave alone just for lunch break” Tracy said turning around and giving the boys her bambi eyes,  they immediately melted, and dispersed.

“Their gone” she said crying with relief.

“and will remain that way as long as you keep give them your freaky eyes” I replied laughing.
Ever since I have known Tracy, her eyes were always the secret weapon that worked in crazy weird ways therefore being dubbed ‘freaky eyes’.

We walked about 10 steps towards my beautiful savior a.k.a. food before we ran into what must have been the whole student body crowded in a 10 foot wide hallway.

“What the…” Tracy said before elbowing her way into the crowd,
“Tracy“ I muttered to myself exhaustedly before following the quickly fading path she had left me.

When I finally got to the front, Tracy she was standing there, her eyes as wide as golf balls. The middle of the hallway was crowded with men in black surrounding a recently made red carpet.

Walking down the carpet with obvious ease was a boy around my age (17) his hair was a dirty blond with black shades resting on top of his head he was fairly tall maybe around 7 foot . He was wearing simple black pants and a gray t-shirt with black converse; his eyes were an uncertain colour. I stared at him for a moment their was just something their that drew you in. That is before someone roughly pushed me over and I came to my senses.

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