BL ?? What's that

Yaoi !!!


1. I'm your senpai ??

It was a sunny bright day on May 12 Year : 2019, Takashi Usui had been getting ready for the new school year . he was finally in The high school he wanted “Sekai Art & Music” but of course he woke up late . He quickly ran down the stairs almost falling over “ MOM ??!?!?!?!” He shouted loudly getting to the bottom part of the stairs . He saw a strange Shadow in the dining room “ M-Mom? “ Takashi manage to stutter out There was no Answer . Takashi suddenly felt a jolt on the back of his Neck he then called out a different name “ Len ? Len Kagamine ??” The shadow then became visible “ Yes, Senpai ? “ Takashi eyes widen, “ What are you doing here.. in my House ? and where’s my mother “ Len responded “ I was here to pick you up and wait outside then your mom let me in So… Relax a little at least “ len said smiling happily . “ Are you hungry ? “ Takashi asked softly .
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