Alex Smith has a mundane life: a small apartment, cruel landlord, low-paying job, but his family's history is shocking, dangerous, and gets him in the wrong sort of business with the wrong sort of people. His ancestors, centuries ago, uncovered a secret that must be kept at all costs.

He is going to find out.

Cover by River_Summers


1. Chapter 1

Alex drove home in his half broken jalopy. After getting a degree in history and science, no good-paying job had come to him. Every day he sent resumes, to everyone, anyone, getting nothing back. YouTube, Apple, Microsoft, Google, countless museums that had pamphlets declaring "Creative Jobs for Creative People!" He opened the lobby door to see his greedy landlord holding out his hand.

"Rent's in my room," said Alex grumpily.

The landlord squinted at him through beady green eyes. "Have it in my hands in ten minutes or you're evicted."

Alex went into the elevator and pressed the button. He rose three floors and unlocked his apartment door. He grabbed a fat wad of cash and gave it to him.

The landlord handed him an envelope. "This came in."

Alex snatched it out of his hands. He ran into the elevator and pressed the button. He ripped open the envelope and read it quickly.

Mr Smith,

We are pleased to inform that we think your resume is what we are looking for. You start tomorrow at 9:00. Your duties include inspecting items to see if they are genuine, and helping patrons if they have questions about a certain artifact. There are books and documents in your office to read so you can answer the questions guests have. Do not disappoint us.

Samuel Jones, Curator

National Museum of American History


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