Victory's Child

Victoria was never liked where ever she went, people felt intimated by her. But she wanted the voices out of her head. Where ever she went they were there. All they did was argue and argue. But she never listened to them. She didn't know they were arguing over her.
But one day Victoria meets a scrawny boy named Grover Underwood. He tells her over and over "Listen to them just once". Besides, he wasn't that different besides having crutches...
But she didn't know that one day, she would be victorious.
And not in the way that you think.


1. The Voices

Oh no, here they come again. The Voices, why do they always come at the worst of times? I put my hands over my ears and started to panic. Why were the voices telling me to go to Long Island? I don't even live in New York, and I don't want to go to Long Island. I don't want to go anywhere. I want to try to lead the most normal life that I can. It's going to be hard to do that.

"Victoria, are you okay?" My teacher asked.

I wish she wouldn't have asked me anything.

"DON'T TALK TO ME!!" I said in a voice that wasn't even my own.

"Victoria! I think you need to go to the principal's office!" the teacher said sternly.

Everyone started to laugh at me. I ran out of the room and started to go down the hallway, finally reaching the doors. I got outside and pushed myself even further than I would ever go.

I was going to New York.

I ran to my house, which wasn't that far from the school, and went to my bedroom. Opening the top drawer of my dresser, I grabbed $300 and a suitcase of clothes. I went out and called my friend, Grover.

"Pick me up. I'm going to Long Island."

"Why in the name of the gods do you need to go to Long Island?" he asked

"Gods??" I said my confusion carrying through the phone.

"Oh dang it!!" he said apparently mad at himself.

"I'm on my way. Your right you need to get to Long island."

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