''The little thief''

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  • Published: 3 Mar 2015
  • Updated: 3 Mar 2015
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Forced by circumstances,the little Porter becomes an innocent thief. But his''career'' will not last for long.


1. ok

     Porter began his ''career'' as an outlaw in the kindergarten. He was stealing toys simply because at home the boy had nothing to play with.
  Porter's mother is raising him alone because her husband was in prison even before their son to be born.
  One day the teachers from the kindergarten told her not to come there with Porter anymore.
 The place where they lived was small and most of the folks there knew that Porter's dad was in prison for numerous of pilferages.

-Your naughty son follows the steps of his father-said the headmaster of the kindergarten to the poor mother.

 Porter's mother felt ashamed and walked back home, holding Porter by the hand. On the way to home the woman silently started to cry.
-Mommy, I didn't mean to upset you-said guilty Porter-I know you don't have money to buy me toys,so I took some of the toys from the kindergarten.
 -It's O.K, Porter-replied the mother and wiped away her face.
After the story in the kindergarten, Porter didn't steal anything for couple of years, even though he hated seeing his mom broke and miserable.

                                                                                           .   .   .

   Porter was 10 and enrolled in the only elementary school in the town. In class he was not very obedient and most of the teachers tried effortlessly to rein him down. Again, the son of the notorious thief from the small town, was on the verge of expulsion.
 To worse the situation he is in, one afternoon after school, Porter stole the bike of one of the boys in his class. Every boy in town had bike but Porter.  The little thief wanted to have a bike so much that he was forced by the circumstances to take one of it for a while.
 Riding to the nearest park, Porter sat on a bench but before that with his very last coins in the pocket ,bought an ice-cream. While licking it, the boy contemplated people in the other benches and      thought about his father he never saw.
-What is it to have a father, I wonder-thought Porter and slowly continued licking the ice-cream.

                                                                                          . . .

 When Porter got tired hanging in the park alone, he took the bike he stole today and rode it toward home. While the boy was paddling in the sunny day, all of a sudden out of nowhere,like a sign for a future life,Porter started to remember moments and noises while  he was still in his mother's womb.
 The embryo Porter could heard a quarrel between his mother and some man:
-Kill that baby  or at least give it for adoption. We cannot take care of him! The town is small and I do not have a descent. This baby will force me to steal again. I don't want to steal anymore!
-Then I will begin to steal!-yelled the baby's mother. This will be our son and I will give my life for him but I will never give him to someone else.

 Porter started to cry. That man was his father he never saw. Now God showed him the reason for that.
-Because of me daddy is in prison! Because of my birth he started to steal again! The fault for my broken family is all mine but....no time for self-pity now. Somehow I have to make things right.
 After this remembrance,Porter has changed if he didn't want to end up in jail like his dad.
 He made his mama proud by stop stealing stuff from the other people. And to support the family budget, next year Porter became the newspaper boy and with the earned money his good mother bought him a bike.
There is always an honest solution to the problems. Now Porter knew that.

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