Before the 73rd Games

For those of you who read my previous story this is the prequel. What happened before Clace and Jay went into the games.


1. Traveling

Many nights and days spent around trees. Around the forest ground, around the wilderness going to this place called Panem. It's supposed to be safe there for me, why isn't here safe? I previously asked my older brother Tobias that question as to why Chicago isn't safe. He said it wasn't Chicago, it was dad, and I had to get away before it was to late, before I was old enough for the choosing, before I had no choice but to stay. People wonder what is beyond those gates, I know. Destruction and then a never ending forest, or so it seems. I'm not really sure where Panem is, my brother said it's out here somewhere. So here I am, by the way I'm only three. A very smart three year old. I would have been Erudite, that's what my brother said. I think I would have been dauntless, it takes guts to go out in the woods by yourself at three, how about leaving home at three? That takes guts too. I know what your thinking, there's no way a three year old can navigate the woods by themselves, I have to remind you that I am not navigating, just walking, which a three year old can definitely do. I wonder what's happening back home at Abnegation, is Tobias ok? Funny how I'm the one worried about my brother when I'm the one in the woods. I look up at the darkness that has blanketed the sky, and the bright white lights that act as holes through the darkness allowing light to come through. Then the one big bright white light which lights up the way ahead, it makes the darkness bearable. No I am not afraid of the dark, that is not one of my fears, I find the darkness inviting, comforting. My brother's fears are pretty irrational, my fears are more rational then his, although we share one fear. Our father. The problem is no one at Abnegation would believe us if we told them what our dad did to us, I mean hello!!! It is Abnegation, the selfless, what our dad does is anything but selfless. It all started after our mother died. Tobias would get it worse than me, I'm not saying mine weren't awful too, I'm just saying I think Tobias would much rather take my beatings than his own. One time my dad got him so bad that there was blood, a lot of blood. He still has scars from that time, the wounds took forever to heal because our dad would always re-open them with every beating. I don't think those scars ever will heal. Yes I always watch, I'm forced to, and if I move to stop it, or speak against it, I will get beat too, I learned my lesson not to do anything and to stay quiet eventually, but it took a couple beatings. To be honest I only needed one beating to set it in my mind that I was to stay quiet and not move, but sometimes I would say something or move, just so Tobias would stop getting beat. My father would lock him up in a hole in the wall that was like a cabinet. It was very small and dark. I'm surprised that my brother isn't afraid of the dark, he might be, although to me it seems like he's more afraid of the confinement. I've been in 'the hole', so we call it, a few times, I've been beaten countless times, although it seems Tobias always has it worse than me. I knew my beatings would progress with age, I guess Tobias saw it too, so he told me to leave. Now that I think about it, I don't think that was the only reason, maybe I would have been divergent. If I was I would be dead. That's my fear death. Death and dad. I'm sure I have more, those are the two that seem the most present to me. To be honest when I say death, I don't really mean my own, I mean others, killing. Killing, Death, and Dad. Yup those are my fears, let's think anymore? No I don't think so, that's three, count them 1, 2, 3. Killing, Death, Dad. In that order. I start to see lights in the distance, I jump for joy. I can't wait to be out of the woods. The sky is becoming a light blue with hints of yellow, orange, and red, signaling sunrise. I start running, Hope the lights aren't as far away as they seem. I have to find some way that I can contact Tobias, tell him I'm okay. I have to tell him before he leaves Abnegation. Yes he's only two years older than me, yes I have time, but I don't know if I will, I mean what's life like at Panem? I guess I'll find out.

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