I am clare i am 11 years old and i love 5SOS. They are the only thing keeping me alive. Well that is going to end tomorrow. well got to go my dad is back time for my daily beating.


1. Meeting 5sos

I ran away. After years and years of the abuse i ran away. I ran for about a mile before running into a boy. Sorry i said not looking up for who ever it was so they couldn't see my bruises. That's all right he said. Wait a god damn minute i know that voice!!! I looked up forgetting about my bruises only to see 5SOS. They all gasped when they saw my bruises. Shit i said quietly. I looked down only to look up again and see my dad behind they boys. MIKE CALUM ASHTON LUKE LOOK OUT!! I ran in the way of my dad only to feel some thing go through me. i looked down at my chest to see a knife in my stomach. Look dad are you happy i said he looked at me as though he was guilty. I turned to face the 5SOS boys i said you all made me survive abuse at least you all get to see me die i said quietly i started to close my eyes but before i could i saw ashton above me saying NO NO NO STAY AWAKE!!! By ash i said then blacked out. I woke up to blinding white lights i moaned i heard someone scream most likely Luke. Hiya boys i said they all jumped about 10 feet in the air i burst out laughing they all looked at me like i was a maniac so what are you doing here i said. We stayed the night waiting for you to wake up before i could even answer i saw a doctor walk in he said clare you can leave today your dad is coming to get you. OH SHIT WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT I screamed. He looked at me like i was crazy and said why my dad is going to kill me how do you think i eneded up in here my dad stabed me he is going to kill me and i have the bruises to prove it. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU YOU LITTLE SLUT!!! Thanks a million doc i said. My dad came in and said WHY IN THE ABSOLUTE HELL!!! DID YOU THINK YOU THINK YOU COULD GET AWAY FROM ME!! I said no dad can we go home i said. oh hell we are by boys i said i will see you in heaven. I was draged to the car. At home dad beat me harder than usual he even raped me he said while he was doing it he said when i am done you are packing your bags and you are leaving. i just nodded knowing that i only had one thing. my posters. when i was done with the rape and abuse my dad left me by the bridge. i said to him thanks this is just were i was going to go. he just drove away i turned to face the edge i looked at my posters left them by my bag i said i am going to do it on the count of three one two three i was about to jump when i felt some one grab my arm i turned around to see the boys with their manager their managers had my artm. Let go of me i said no he said you are not jumping i said ok he let go of my arms and i took the oppertunity to ask why they were here luke said we were eating and we saw you crying and you put your posters down and we knew you were going to jump so i ran out with the boys and mark (IDK who their manager is). why did you save me? we saw you were hurt maybe i want to be dead so i dont have to deal with rape and abuse

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