Life As In The Daydream

When a hard core directioner &5sosfam meet those 9 lads.....................................


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(May is from Myanmar,a country from Southeast Asia. I know you guys haven't hear abt it so search it on Google.She is same as you guys crazy for 1D and 5sos and abt 15 years old and this happens before her final year at high school. Yes it is abt me.great thinking. Not true but which I really want to be. Some are based on the truth.Well my biggest dream is down below. Read to know it:) )


"May,Sweet heart, wake up sweety" mom walk me up. Summer holidays and the mornings are to sleep. After groaning for minutes I got up. Going into the bathroom cleaning myself. Today mom is leaving to Paris,the city of Love coz of her work and which causes me to be home alone as my father is always out coz of his job too and my one and only brother is the other side of the world ,further studies. Great! Just me and me.

When we arrived the airport it is well just with a few people but who knows what gonna happen soon. I was walking around going to a cafe to buy some tea but I ended up with bumping into a muscle-ed man. When I looked up to say sorry. OMG !! IT IS THE ONE DIRECTION's Liam Payne!!!!!I know that they won't come to this little stupid country but why are they here. No words could describe my feelings of meeting them. Someone pinched so that I can believe it is not a dream. And then Liam start to say some words which I couldn't hear but saw his mouth moving. Then he tried to shake me as I was standing thee for about 15minutes. Suddenly I start to come in the normal mood.

"Hello guys I am so sorry that I was not looking where I was going. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"was what I said but they ended up saying "It's okay." All five of them looked at me with those cute faces and made me go crazy. Zayn who looked really excited said "Well you looked like a citizen from here. Ah...... We are One direction. I am ......ah......wanted to go into the city can you tell as the way?"

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