In a town by the sea, is where you'll find me


1. One sleepy entrance

The rain on the pavement is a welcoming noise, different from the quiet talking of the bus I just stepped off of. The fog is thick here, which is much more daunting then when I was on the bus. I groan inwardly as I can actually feel my hair begin to frizz. 
 What a great first impression of here. 

The ocean waves crashing against the cliffs is loud, even though I'm fairly far from them. I bend over, pick up the beat up trunk and suitcase off the ground, my hair falling into my face. I brush it out of the way with my elbow, which was a futile effort as it fell right back in my face. I groan in defeat, before shaking my head, and walking down the dilapidated road into town. My feet find potholes in the road, causing me to stumble. 

Now that I think about it, I don't hear any cars coming up the road. Thankfully, at that.
Given the state the roads seem to be in, I'm fairly certain no one here actually owns a car. Or if they do, they don't use it often. 

Me walking into the town like this is very...Silent Hill like. Fog everywhere, unused and dilapidated roadways, and absolutely no one in sight. But that's most likely the fog's fault, right? 

 "...Right?" My voice is quiet in the din, the sound of waves overpowering it. I'd stopped walking while I was thinking, but I continued on afterwards. I was starting to see the outline of shops, and regular buildings. Houses, too, but I didn't see the lights on in them. The fog was thick, so that was to be expected. I supposedly lived in a house on one of the cliffs, towards the edge of town.

I continue to walk down the road for a few more minutes, more houses and stores passing me by as I went. I feel sluggish, like I'm walking in a bowl of pudding...Which would be disgusting. I stop again, and turn towards a shop to my right. 

It was a flower shop, carnations, geraniums, Queen Anne's lace, and lilies being presented in the shop window. Intruiged, I step towards it, feet finally hitting sidewalk as I stood infront of the window, peering in. It was dark inside, and from what I could see, there was a closed sign on the door.

Figures...I thought, setting my things down onto the sidewalk with a frown plastered in my face. I turn my back to the storefront, and slid down to the sidewalk, rubbing my eyes with my fists. I was so, so tired. A few moments of closing my eyes and resting wouldn't hurt, I'd just get right back up when I felt better. I crossed my arms over my chest, leaning my head back on the ledge behind me, eyes closed.

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