Queen Olive was a murderous queen. Ever since Sylvia Silk tried to stop her, she has been chosen to pick the children for the new program. Every year, eight girls and eight boys will be sent to find their way through a maze full of truly terrifying monsters, and to find their way to the end. There, there will be a table full of poisons, they have to pick their fate. Or, if they pick the correct to stage two.


1. The Day

This was the day. My execution day. All because of that murderous queen. All I did was try and escape! I screamed at the wall. It wasn't fair. The guards turned away as I changed into my execution dress. It was white with black on the hem. Perfect.

It seemed the whole town had been waiting for this, my execution. An hour later, I was in a carriage on the way to the castle. It was a short journey, and I had been able to stay well composed the whole way. We arrived, too quickly for my liking. I was herded to the courtyard, where it would all be happening. My lower lip trembled, and my knees shook. If only I could have one more day to live. Just one, would be all I'd ask for. But that was an empty hope now. I could see it so clearly. 

No one would appear at my funeral. No one would mourn me. No one at all.

When I was little, I swore that I would change the town. Get rid of the queen. But I never got the chance. And I never would.

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