A previous experience in Dauntless.


1. Chapter 1

They all shut me out because they think i will kill them. They think i am mad. They think because what i did to Phil,that i have a psychotic brain that could snap at them anytime. And they're right.

I hate them. the lot of them. i want to rip their nails out of their fingers and replace them with shards of glass after putting lemon juice on them. I don't see what the point in killing is. I mean, you only kill a person i you want to hurt someone close to them. Someone else shouldn't suffer for any actions they have done. They should suffer. And be tortured. Yes.

Phil thought it would be funny to hide my clothes whilst was in the showers. Ha ha. I showed him mind. I made the situation as humiliating for me as possible. I ran around screaming and crying like a madman! i begged him to give me something to cover me up while he just laughed at me in the dormitory, like he was a king. Then i acted all sad and embarrassed, for his sake and i let him make fun of me for a few days. My God is he a prick. Then on Sunday night i had my fun.

I waited till he came back from the gym, had a shower and went to bed. I counted to a thousand before i began to execute my plan. Before i did started, i injected him with a numbing serum. It only lasts a couple of hours so i have to get started straight away. I take the knife in my hand, reminding myself who he thinks he is and what he can do to people. My hands shaking a little but they steady once they touch his pale skin. And i chop. Satisfied my what i have done i continue to the next phase. Wrap my steady fingers over the metal pose and force the cool, blunt steel through his nose and filling the hole with a small earring.

I take all his clothes and rip them into long rags. And i begin to weave and tie and knot and cross and tie until i had made an extremely thick blanket of rags, the perfect size of his bed. My hands are now completely destroyed but i guarantee it will be worth it. I tie all the edges to the bed frame, covering his view on the world. I had to be extremely careful not to knock him otherwise the rest of my plan would be pointless. I hide a few... surprises in the blanket in case anyone helped the bastard out. I should also mention that Phil doesn't wake up until he really has to, meaning he gets up five minutes before initiation training. Perfect. He may be high on the score board now but when i'm done with him he probably just walk out! I return to my bed and sleep for the remaining hours of the night. i don't know how i managed to get away with doing all that in a room of thirty sleeping people. idiots. They call themselves dauntless.

I wake to screech of a bed against the cement floor and a panicked cry from across the room. Dear lord. I look over to see several of the victims 'friends' shouting at Phil to calm down otherwise they will cut him instead. Squirm until you feel nothing i think. I lower myself under the sheets, pretending to be asleep with one eye open. Many cut themselves on the blades that i hid in the blankets, but they keep hacking. I look at my watch.

Fifteen minutes, i still have time.

The blanket of rags breaths heavily, wailing and crying. N one can make out what he is saying behind the shrill sobs and cries.

Thirteen minutes.

They manage to break a few of the knots at the side of the frame. i thought that my faction was pointless until last night. Amity taught me how to make a hella strong knot!

Eleven and a half minutes.

Some of them retreat to prepare themselves for the day. Others rummage around to find sharper knifes. Too bad i already used them.

Eight minutes.

They manage to create a small hole for him to climb through. Bad idea.

Seven minutes.

Phil yells at them all that he can't use his feet but he slides though anyways. Head coming out last. Perfect.

Six minutes.

Gasps and shouts are all they make when they see the sight of him. I laugh, quiet enough for them to not hear, but loud enough to for fill my needs.

"Oh my God!"

They all look down to his feet. Nothing but red massacre and puss are t the bottom of his legs. Funny me, i chopped of both of his big toes. They don't have to wait long for my last surprise though. As soon as his head swoops out the tiny gap the nose ring, attached to a small string, triggers the smoke.

And then i run.

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