1. Passion to find

Once believed to be a warrior, he now stands in stone.

Nothing is forever, nothing is meant to.


Throw your coin in the well and make of what you want,

Even stone must change, but not by your hand.


Set in his ways he fought, not for blood, not for glory.

His enemy was in the mist and he never saw.


Mirror in the river, reflections can deceive.


Never did he hesitate, never did he look, never did he have reason.

All that he was is false, asking is of no consequence.

Sculptures make a gallery of souls and hearts he could no longer see.


Blind forever a blessing or a curse?

Hope has only one end


Now in the field, always looking, why could he not see.
Only the edge would smile, bathed in tears of hearts.
War was never his craft


Stone sing of change in the winds, all to come in the times after a warrior.

If only song had flown while a statue could still have changed.

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