Cat of Nine Lives

Every human has nine lives. Nine lives to struggle through without doing anything too bad, before they are finally judged and sent to Caelum or Morspoena. Every record of a Soul's life is kept in the Library. But sometimes, a book escapes, and the soul inside ends up having to make a terrible choice...
Cat Fall just wants to pass History and figure out what to get her girlfriend for Valentines Day. So why is it that she can't seem to concentrate on her life anymore? It's like she's not really herself anymore... and things really come to a head when Cat is summoned for by the Numen, and is given a choice - go straight to eternal torment, or become a Soulholder, and live life in the divide between living and dead, eternal and unchanging?
Easy choice, right?
Add in an asshole of a partner, watching her family break apart and not being allowed to contact them, and an insane sorcerer who has a thing for ripping apart humans and leaving them in Cat's bedroom.
Yeah. Immortality's REAL fun.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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