Hades and Persephone

My own re-write of the capture of Persephone by the God of the Underworld


1. The Kidnapping

The sweet scent of orchids, hyacinths and rich purple tinted irises through the scorching heat from the Earth plane was enticing to Persephone as she revelled in the ever blooming fields of her mother’s domain. She had been gathering the flowers as a gift for Demeter for the best part of a human ‘day’ and was still contemplating which of the remaining flowers was worth of adding to the bouquet when she saw the narcissus.                                                                                             

         The narcissus was the rarest and most enchanting flower to all of the Gods. It was named so after the Son the River God, admired by Apollo and whose raw beauty caused his own untimely death. Persephone knew this was the one flower her father had wanted her to find, she hoped of seeing the pride on his face when she presented it to him.

         The bouquet of flowers forgotten in the moment of awe landed in the tangle of grass as she knelt to pick the flower from its resting place. A crack shattered the earth and resonated throughout the skies as the ground split beneath Persephone’s feet forcing her to the ground. Her ears still ringing Persephone threw herself round to find the narcissus no longer there, a projection of reality, she had been tricked by a mere illusion. The origin of the earthquake now clear as a deep crevice formed, slicing through the beauteous kindom of the Demeter and killing all life it in its path.               

         From the crevice emerged an ink black chariot with plated gold adornments. The four hourses thundered towards Persephone, guided by the chariot’s passenger and it dawned on her who this was.

         She was swept up into to the chariot and let out an involuntary scream she wasn’t aware she had been holding in and this causes a ghost of smile to flicker across her captors face. Without needing to look at his dark chiselled features and black unruly curls surrounding his face Persephone could sense who this man was from the stench of death that filled her nostrils.
“Hello, Persephone” He said, his eyes locking with hers
“Hades” His name tasting sour on her tongue, she knew he could hear the betraying beat of her heart as she attempted to bury her fear. The chariot took a sharp turn throwing her squarely into his chest, the contact took all the strength out of her and she could barely stand in the chariot.

“What have you done” Persephone managed to whisper. She had to lean into Hades to keep herself upright. The chariot reached the edge of the crevice continuing to lower through the floor into Hades kingdom. The moans of thousands of lost souls and the smell of fear reached Persephone through the haze of weariness as the horses drew them further down.
“Welcome to the Underworld, Persephone”

The lines of souls stretched further than any mortal or God could see winding through the fields of despair and over the five rivers. The heat was unbearable. Persephone was aware that the underworld was a projection of each souls worst nightmare, the millions of them in this place were all currently seeing what they feared the most, from isolation to incineration.

         Hades face contorted with discomfort as they flew over the dying souls and Persephone saw a glimpse of the God he once was. Silent tears left traces on her cheeks as Persephone was carried into the domain of the dead.

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