The one direction story.


1. I bumb into a stranger on my first day.

My name is Charlotte. I have long black hair, with a teal stripe in my hair. My eyes are a bright blue and I'm pretty short. I moved here a couple of days ago and I'm really nervous about starting school. I woke up this morning, and showered. I pulled on a black v-neck shirt, gray skinny jeans and black vans. I curled my hair and put some dark makeup on. I went downstairs, pulled my jacket and book bag on and grabbed a banana. When I got to school I found my first class and sat down in a chair next to a guy with dark hair, and dark skin. I got a whole bunch of papers and all this other stuff for my parents. When the bell rang I hurried outside, but I ran into someone and dropped all my stuff. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." I said and looked up and there was the boy I sat next to in class.

"Oh no it's ok. Here's the rest of your papers." I looked up. Our eyes met, his dark eyes had a twinkle in them. I turned around when he stopped me.


"I'm Zayne. Zayne Malik." He smiled.


"I'm Charlotte Zenners." I walked away and went to my next class. I could feel myself blushing the whole way there. At lunch Zayne called me over to him and his buddies. I walk over and sit down awkwardly.


"Hi I'm Charlotte." I said blushing.


"I'm Harry Styles." Said a boy with long hair and funny smile.


"I'm Niall Horan and these goof balls are Liam and Louis." Said a blonde pointing to brown haired boys throwing grapes into the air and catching them with their mouth. I laughed and smiled.


"Nice to meet you." We talked for a while and the boys ate like monsters.


"So we are a band and we have practice today. Want to come?" Niall asked.


"Sure. Sound great." He gave me the address and we left lunch. After school I texted my mom:

Me: Can I go over to a friends after school?

Mom: Sure don't be out to late. Love ya.



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