Around The World


1. Tour With The Boys

"Blue ocean floor ..." I sang with Lauren. We finish the song and I say to the camera "I hope you liked our cover of Blue Ocean Floor by JT! Subscribe to our channel ... 4 Of A Kind." I turned off the camera when Sydney and Jenna got texts from Ashton and Calum for me to look outside. "Okay ... That is weird. Anything else?" "Nope!" Jenna and Sydney smirked. I walk cautiously to the window and I shouted "Luke!" Because I saw him outside with a poster that said 'Hi Lucy'.

I sprinted down the stairs with the girls following me. "Lucy! How are you?" Luke says dreamily. I ran into his arms with nothing to say. Then I notice that I'm in his arms so I scramble on to my feet and blush. Lauren asks Michael "So what do you guys need?". "Oh yeah! We are going on tour in 3 weeks ... So we want you girls to come" he says looking at his feet. We stare at them in silence and then ... "YES !!" We scream in unicine.

Hey! I know this chapter is short but I am working on it! Love you guys.

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