Legend's Destiny and Destiny's Legend

Destiny and Legend were twin sisters. There father had left them when they were hardly a week old. So their mother took care of them. The worst part was that their mother was caring and loving to Destiny but abusive and mean to Legend. Destiny never knew any of this because neither of them would tell her. Little do they know their part of something bigger. They are demigods. And they have a quest to do.


1. Legend

Legend's POV

"Alright bye honey!" my mother called to my sister with a fake smile as she left to go to her friends house.

I already knew what was coming, and it wasn't going to be good.

"So little rat got anything to say to me today??" she sneered turning to me.

I shook my head staring at the ground. I knew that if I said anything it would be even worst then the other day.

I shifted my long blonde hair so it hid the dark purple bruise that framed the side of my face.

"Good, now your going to clean the bathroom and make dinner."

I opened my mouth to say something. But decided against it. She'd just hit me again. 

"What's that? Is the little piglet gonna say something?" she taunted stepping closer.

I stiffened up and prepared for the punch I was about to get. But it never came. Instead I got a foot to the kneecap. I fell to the ground howling in pain, holding my knee.

"Oh shut up you little baby. Get up and make dinner for your sister and I. Your not getting any dinner tonight."

I narrowed my light blue eyes. 

"And if you give me any more mouth. I'll take out the whip."

At that I winced, knowing that'd be hard to cover up. 

I got up and limped to the kitchen. I growled under my breath but not knowing she'd heard me.

"What was that you little worthless brat!?" 

I froze. Crap, she heard me.

My mother reared her fist back preparing to punch me,"I can make your death look like an accid-"

"Mom?" A familiar shaky voice said behind the woman in front of me.

My mother whipped around to Destiny.

"Honey? I thought you were at your friends," our mother said concerned.

"I forgot my phone. What were you saying to Legend? I-it sounded like you were going to h-hurt her," Destiny said on the verge of tears.

"I wasn't talking to Legend I was talking to the cat. Susan. She tore up my favorite throw pillow!" My mother tried to lie.

But I wouldn't let her, "Destiny RUN!" I screamed.

"That's it! Your getting a whipping!" mother lifted me by my waist while I kicked and screamed.

"STOP!" Destiny desperately screamed trying to stop mother.

"GET AWAY!" mother hollered.

Destiny stopped. 

I started to cry, "Destiny, go." I looked into her eyes, Get the authorities. I tried to message her.

She must have understood because she nodded and ran out the door.

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