Blue Blood

I died, then I woke up in another world with vampires, werewolves, dragons, beast men, magic and paladins. But before I go on a adventure I'll have to grow up.... and who knows what'll happen in the meantime??


1. The start

I remember everything from my previous life, or at least up to where i lost consciousness, you see i was a very ill person, I suffered from harlequin Ichthyosis. It's a disease where your skin is 10 times thicker than a normal baby, you could say it's some kind of armor, I had from birth... From the start the doctors told my parents I had about 25 years to live, if I was lucky, however i lived till I was 29. So take that comment and shove it where the sun don't shine!! I studied from I was 3 years old, and took all kind of material arts classes, what else could I use my remaining years on? Boys? No way, I had fucking red skin, no boy would be interested in a constantly sunburnt girl, who could throw him at least 7 meters. It's kinda of sad now that i think about it...... But anyway back to the story.

In the start i couldn't open my eyes, not that I didn't want, they just felt like they were glued together. but I could hear some voices, and feel someone caressing my face, it felt good, so i stretched my arms trying to hold on to that good feeling. I caught something, I couldn't get my hands around it, it was simply too big. Suddenly I was tired and fell into a deep coma like sleep. I woke up again, when i felt something uncomfortable underneath me, this time I could open my eyes, I couldn't twist my neck, so I just looked around, i was lying down in something like a crib in a dark basement like room with no lights on... -hmmm, it wasn't fun I tell you.- I tried to make some noise when the uncomfort was too much to bear, the sound that i made was something I immediately recognized, it was the sound of a baby, I stretched my arms into the air and what I saw was small baby hands. I began to scream. after a little while someone opened the door "What's wrong my Filia?" It was a young lady who came in, she had long black hair, and a dress that was way outdated, it looked like it was from the middle ages. Then something began to shine in the dark, it looked like two red rubies floating in mid air, then it occurred to me that it was her eyes, I began to cry even louder. She walked up to me, and hoisted me up from the crib and began to comfort me. I suddenly became calm, and floated into my own little dreamland.



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