Translucent Decisions


1. New Beginning, New Torture

Day One

This world is not my favorite out of the several I have lived on so far, Earth is a place where you have to feel emotions such as pain and you have a conscience- even I as a ghost have to have one. Jemmy walked into the air that led home,leaving me behind in Olympia, Washington with no family and no words of advice on how to live there; hardly anyone sees me as I walk around the streets trying to figure this place out. A small, select throng of other Free Walkers live here (you humans love to use the term ghosts) yet even they hate me with such loathing that fitting in was never an option- all they live to do is torment and torture the 'locals' with those silly old fashioned ways. Yesterday Quilton was apparently moved books on the shelve in an old woman's house, trying to be scary. The more I see of my race the more I realize that this life is not for me- I miss being near to the people who love and accept me.

One of the males in the group seems to be against their actions but never seems to has the courage to stand up to Emille, the leader, he just slouches in the corner looked on at the pathetic scenes his 'friends' create. His name is Zack and what scares me must is that I know that he sees me lurking in the shadows at twilight; a time when all Free Walkers must face the moon and recharge ourselves; none of the other Free Walkers give me the time of day. Today is officially my 123rd day on this planet where must of the land is green and fertile- I sit in my usual spot where the  giraffe like oak trees loom above in an arch shape that comforts me, every few seconds the color changing leaves tumble down to the rich soil around me. Today I chose to clothe myself in an outfit that consists of a creamy white, ribbed turtle neck and crinkly brown corduroys with blue sneakers that I decided on at last nights twilight, we pick our outfits before recharge and they appear when we awaken. My cascade of reddy orange locks dribble down my back and strands hang in front of my face- my hair is the only thing I like about my appearance; apart from my turquoise blue eyes. The Lunch period I was in had finished an hour ago so I was perched on a tree stump with a sketch pad and pencils ready for inspiration. A while back when I saw the humans making strange shapes with wooden sticks I wished for the equipment and taught myself the basics. A beautiful bird was nestled on the grass nearby so I gingerly began to sketch its profile- a huge shadow blocked the perfect midday light so I flickered my gaze up.

" Niana," the shadow had a low but emotion filled voice, "I've been searching for you since before lunch ."

When my eyes hit Zacks beautiful,emerald ones they message my brain which begins to freak out; why was he looking for and why is he talking to me of all people? Emille probably doesn't have a clue he's here which makes it ten times worse for my safety, when she finds out he spoke to me I might as well not exist anymore on this planet as none of the Free Walkers are allowed to look at me, not least talk to me especially without good reason. It must be something important- maybe something about the local humans or perhaps even Home, as soon as I think of home my heart bursts which unlocks all of the visions of Jemmy and Mom that I've kept locked away for so long.

"Oh Hi, why were you looking for me, is there some kind of problem- with the humans or have we got news from home," it's only when I speak that I realize how soft and jittery my voice is.

"No No nothing like that; my name's Zack by the way. It's just that I wanted to ask if there was a chance we could hang out some time, I've seen your art skills and I was wondering if you could teach me."One of the elite Free Walkers just asked me out on a date; no a drawing date and I have no idea of how I should be reacting right now. Should I be jumping with joy and happiness or should I be suspicious of this sudden offer- so I put together the best answer I can.

"Errrrrr,euugh, yeah of course I'd love that. Does tomorrow at two thirty work for you; that's the only time I have free rec?"

"Sure that sounds amazing;see you tomorrow then. It's a date!" With a final response Zack scrambles up from his precarious position and heads home to the area where his group live- leaving me staring after him with my mouth almost hitting my lap and my eyes wide with traces of surprise left to be found in them. Why on earth would he says it's a date, no one has ever said that to me? My thoughts have to be pushed to the back of my mind as I head to recharge in the clearing, new thoughts of tomorrows outfit choices start to form in my head, eventually taking over the thick haze of anything else I was thinking. 

Day Two

When I woke from a long sleep all the emotions I had been holding back hit me; today I was going on a possible date with one of them, one of those people who had ignored me and not let me fit in, they had caused me so much pain until I learnt to ignore it. Who was to say that Zack was going to be any different from the rest of them? He could be as narrow minded and arrogant as I assumed the rest of the elite were but I had agreed to it so I had to follow my gut. My clothes appeared upon me just as I had ordered them: a pale grey cotton shirt with long sleeves, followed with a lilac floaty knee length skirt, black patent Mary Jane flats and two necklaces that overlapped, with two gold rings and a watch to top it all of. It all looked just as I had imagined it last night, roughly tucking my shirt into the skirt and adjusting the necklaces I headed to the meals section with a face ready to face the day. This new found confidence had come out of absolutely nowhere but I was going along with it and having very new experiences-  I managed to talk to the serving lady and sat with two teenage girls who didn't flee the table screaming, hopefully I would feel like this on the 'date' that was crawling so nail bitingly close. 

Twenty minutes after lunch at One PM I was sat on the green grass situating near my usual hiding spot with two clean sketchbooks and a huge variety of pencils in front of me; it was then that my brain figured out it was Jemmy who kept appearing in last nights recharge. Her translucent apparition kept muttering one single phrase over and over again, almost like a magical chant. 

"Your time is coming to an end, the one whom you decide to love forever must be chosen today."

Does this mean that I have to pick someone to love from the small selection of pathetic boys; there is no one around me who I know well enough- Zack is the only person not least boy who has spoken more than a sentence in my direction and... he's here right in front of me.

"Heyy I see you brought the stuff, I forgot sorry," he says in a cheery tone. He just said heyy- I'm no expert on emotions but heyy is definitely means more than hi or hey.

"It's fine I had a few spares any way; so here's yours why don't we get going?"

"Oh yeah cool I can't wait, hopefully I'll be as good as you!" I blushed furiously as he reached over my lap to take a book and a sharp pencil- this was extremely over friendly behavior. 

An hour and a half later and Zack has mastered the art of drawing a face with a body connected to it which isn't bad for a beginner- we talked the whole time and he made me laugh like mad practically the whole time, I didn't even manage to get a simple rabbit drawing done. I think he might me a good choice; I don't completely love him but I like him a whole lot. Zack was abandoned here a little before me by his older brother and decided to join Emille so he wouldn't be alone with no help, similarly we both dream nightly of travelling back home some day . I know that I can barely tell what I think of him but he's the best shot I have, so I blurt out one simple thing before I lose the courage and nerve. 

"I can get you back home for one teeny tiny price," I whisper; he quickly swivels to face me and stares his dazzling green eyes into mine blue ones inquisitively as if trying to work out exactly what I'm thinking. 

"What's this little price," he replies slowly and seemingly cautiously.

"You have to love me." One simple sentence with a simple way of getting home- this answers stumps him and we sit in silence as he obviously runs the information over in his head.

"Or at least pretend." Finally a reply comes from Zacks expressionless yet thoughtful face.

"I think I can do just about do that that," he chuckles in his low voice whilst his faces lights up with joy and happiness; from the way he stares at me I think I must look the same. For a half hour I fill him in on what I heard and saw in the last recharge followed with my plan, in which we must recharge side my side tonight waiting for Jemmy- who would then locate us and take us home, Zack gives his word that he will search for me at twilight before heading of to the den where his group call home as if this date never happened. Dinner becomes the hardest meal I've ever eaten in my existence because I can blatantly see Emille and Zack with the rest of the them across the echoing hall laughing and joking; his face falls sadly when he catches my lonely, depressed face staring over at them so he mouthes something before anyone sees him.

"Think of home."

Later on, approximately a minute from my final recharge on earth I walk into the unused field we decided to recharge in, the normal Free Walkers are already there but Emille and her crew are just entering from their side of the field and in the second row I see Zack. From the day Emille landed on earth and made her gang they have their own entrance; if anyone else uses it they suffer large consequences. Slowly I form the sitting position and motion with a wide smile for Zack to come over- Emille's usually emotion less face looks like shes sucked a lemon whilst she whispers in Zacks ear, he mutters something back quickly and runs over to my left side forming the position. The time has arrived and my eyes become hazed with a cloudy black color that I can only just see over, a thick shadow appears high in the sky and I quickly recognize Jemmy as soon as she appears. Without hesitation I grab Zacks hand whilst shouting for Jemmy- she crumbles her bare feet into the soil holding out two translucent hands. The three of us form a circle and begin to chant the recharge blessing as we get higher and higher from the ground. A pulling sensation grabs the back of my neck and I begin to rise near the clouds- soon I feel the release of the atmosphere and I have to rely on my pre-stored oxygen supply. This will wear off when we reach home planet and my breathing adapts to the area. Suddenly a voice rings into my left ear; I strain to hear the barely audible words.

"Niana I'm fainting I can't see an...," Zack begins to whisper before fading to a state of unconsciousness. 

I'm about to reply when I also feel myself fading; suddenly the world becomes black.

Day Three 

My eyes flutter open and I see a bright white light in my eyes. A nearby wall sign says, 'Test Subject 223417.' Oh what have I gotten me and Zack into now!




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