Pokémon - Ash's Sister

What happened before Ash Ketchum and Pikachu? What got him interested in Pokémon? Maybe someone inspired him.... Maybe his sister? When Ash finally starts going on a journey, Touko follows... But can she stop the tricks of the past from harming her little brother? And when an old friend travels with them, can she train her heart as well as her Pokémon?


1. Prologue



 "Aw.... Do you really have to go?" A seven year old Ash looks at me with watery eyes. I smile down at him and ruffle his raven hair.

 "Sorry Ashy, it's been my dream to become Pokémon Champion of all the regions since I was your age! Nothing's gonna stop me now! I gotta catch 'em all!" I fist-bump the air and look back down at him.

 "I wanna go with you!" he pouts with wide eyes and I chuckle.

 "In three years time, you'll be ten and I'll be thirteen. I'll of conquered the Unova region by then and you'll be old enough to start your journey!" I straighten my cap and flash a grin.

 "But I wanted to go with you!" Ash protests. I squat down and look into his brown orbs.

 "Tell ya what, I'll journey with you when you're old enough,"

 "Really?" he looks hopeful.

 "Of course! I need to make sure my little brother's okay!"

 "YAY!" Ash starts jumping around in excitement.

 "Hey, I know it's too soon but do you know who you want your partner to be? You can choose between squirtle, charmander and bulbasaur,"

 "Hmm..." Ash thinks for a moment. "I don't really think any of those are right for me... I'd really like to have that yellow bunny!"


I frown and tilt my head to the side. "Ash, Pikachu's the electric mouse Pokémon; definitely not a bunny,"

 "Pika! Pika! Pikachuuuuuu!" Ash starts imitating Pikachu and I laugh.

 "You better not oversleep on that day!"

 "I won't! You'd tease me about it all the time if I did!"

 "Yes, I would!" 


We start laughing and I hear someone call out.

 "Touko! Professor Oak is here!" Mum calls.

 "Thanks Mum!" I call back and smile at Ash. He gives me a hug.

 "I love you, Sis!" Ash mumbles.

 "I love you too, little Bro," I smile sweetly at him and run out the door with my pink shoulder bag and Plusle's Poké Ball tucked safely inside. Normally, I'd have to choose between the Kanto three but Professor Oak made a slight exception considering that I'd dreamed of having the positive bunny by my side.


I sit next to Professor Oak in the red car.

 "Ready to start your journey, Touko?" the professor smiles at me.

 "Oh yeah! I gotta catch 'em all!" I once again fist-bump the air and he chuckles.


 "Goodbye, Touko! We love you!" Mum shouts at us.

 "Good luck, Sis!" Ash calls.

 "Bye! I love you, too!" I wave at them as the car starts driving away. I look down at the Poké Ball in my right hand.


 "This is it, Plusle. The start of our new journey,"

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