I Bet You Didn't Know What Adventures You Could Have With Draco Malfoy

"Well, Potter? I've been turned into a girl, you need Chang and her group of giggling idiots to get off your damn case, and I need Boot off mine!"

Harry blinked. "This is the wierdest thing I've ever done in my life, but yes. OK."


1. Girl? Malfoy?

"Potter, do you accept my offer?"

"What offer?" Harry replied, shakily. He'd been staring at the 'girl'. She had long brown hair, big blue eyes and long lashes. She was standing with her hands curled into fists. She was perfect. But she was also Draco Malfoy.

"I told you already! How many times?" 

"Just once more, please."

"I will pretend to be your girlfriend if you help protect me from those Slytherin boys. I thought they were OK before but now..." She shuddered uncharacteristically. "Anyway, you need Chang off your back, don't you? And I'm not even a real girl anyway. I had a potions accident."

"Okay, I guess. Just don't tell anyone. And it has to look real, I don't want people knowing the truth. You're going to need a new name and.." Harry began to rant.

"Simple. I'm Amber Brooks, your girlfriend, I play chaser in family quidditch, we met when I saw you this Summer at the park in Privet Drive and we secretly started dating behind your family's back," 'Amber' replied easily.

She was good. Real good.

"Then I accept, I guess. But you'll have to be a Gryffindor."

Amber growled and stormed off, but not before saying: "it starts tomorrow, meet me at the fat lady's potrait."

Harry wondered how she knew so much about Gryffindor. And she knew where he lived..was she a stalker? Maybe. Maybe not.


The next day Harry met Amber by the portrait of the fat lady. She whispered into his ear to take her hand and he smiled at her, as there were people watching. He interwined their fingers and led her down the stairs. She pretended not to notice the trick step and got stuck. Harry, again, as there were people watching, picked her up out of the step and set her down gently, laughing. When 'she' saw this, she pretended to mock scowl and then started to laugh. Soon people were gaping at the laughing couple.


Draco was inwardly smirking. She refused to call herself Amber in her own mind. People were gaping in their direction and just to give herself a laugh, she snuck out of Harry's hold on her and jumped on his back. He caught her and gave her a piggy-back to the doors of the entrance hall.

So far, so good.

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