Catching a Kite

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  • Published: 28 Feb 2015
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When I was quite young, I did something silly one day.


1. Catching a Kite

When I was quite young, I did something silly one day. Maybe it was dangerous rather than silly thing.

It was a hot summer afternoon. I was staying with my grandparents at their village home as I was on school holidays.  Most people in village take a nap during the hot summer noon and do not come out of their homes till late afternoon. They start their day early and finish early as well. My grandfather used to work at his farm in early mornings. He would go up to fields around 4 or 5 am just after his morning prayer. Grandma would prepare breakfast for him before he would leave the house.  When I saw my grandpa then he was very old. I didn’t see him working hard in the fields. He told me a lot of interesting stories about farmers, animal hunting, and draught and honour killings. Some were funny and some were very sad. Sad stories had so much effect on me that I couldn’t sleep for nights.

Anyway, we go back to story. When everyone was taking nap, I came out of room and went to the farm. I clearly remember that when I was walking towards the farm, I was sweating due to unbearable hot.  When I reached at the farm, I took out my kite which was hidden under the dry wheatgrass.  I went to the farm roof and floated the kite in the air. Suddenly, I slipped from the roof and went down in the yard. I got injured and was hit so hard on the ground that I was unable to get up on my feet. Luckily, one of my grandpa’s farmer friends heard the falling noise while he was passing by the farm. As it was almost afternoon time, he was going to mosque for his prayer. He picked me up in his arms and hurried to the village local clinic. I suffered head injuries but thanks God I was treated immediately and then was shifted to city hospital.

My grandpa was very annoyed with me. He didn’t speak to me for couple of weeks. I promised him for not doing such silly adventures again. I now realise that it was such a silly thing to do in hot summer day when no one was around. 

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