It started with a phonecall

I was about to call my friend but it was someone completely different and it would change my life


1. moving

Hello my name is Chloe and I live in the UK well not for much longer because my mom is fleeing the UK with me because my dad and mom have split up. It was bad there relationship only stood because of me. Apparently I have a brother called Calum Hood which I have never met before but not for much longer because I'm going to go to the same school as him. I was originally born in Australia but then we left and they left Calum with my aunt. I got changed and I put on my black ripped jeans and my green day top and I covered my scars on my wrist with many bracelets and wristbands. They were fresh and you could see them very noticeably. I didn't know why I did it but I did I felt better.

"Come on Chloe we are going to be late" my mom announced.

"Mom I think I know because it is like the millionth time that you have told me" I have to deal with this woman for over 24 hours on a flight where I can't escape. Oh god!

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