The Gargantuan River

A flood turns up mysteriously.


1. The River

         “Bye mum!” Dixie slammed the door, tripping up in her flip flops as she went. “SPLASH” Dixie landed face down in a gargantuan river. ‘Where is this river? I have no gigantic river near my house,’ Dixie thought to herself. She stood up, then fell into a deeper patch of water. Dixie gasped. “This isn’t a river, it’s it’s… a flood!” Screaming like mad, she swam back to the raft like thing she must have landed on. Then with a huge gust of wind, the raft took off down the flood. Dixie, being a scaredy-cat turned over on to her tummy and started crying.

          Dixie come back to me. Dixieeeee. Where are you? I need you underwater, underwater. Dixie woke up in a pool of cold water. She had been rolling around too much so that water rolled on. Why had she had that dream? Why was her mum underwater? She turned back down to face the raft.

       Soon enough Dixie felt herself crash into something big and rocky. She turned her head and looked up. There staring down at her was Essie, her big sister. Essie threw her up in the air.

“You have arrived,” she cried, “we have been looking for you and mum everywhere! So where is mum?” Mumbling, Dixie told Essie everything. Essie crumpled pulling Dixie’s raft over so that Dixie fell into the shallow water. Apologetically, Essie picked Dixie up, wrapped her up in a warm towel and led her into the village hall. As soon as Dixie appeared in the hall, a huge cheer went up. “Everyone has been searching for you and mum,” she explained, hastily pulling Dixie’s arm to a corner full of bedding.

      Meanwhile Mrs Jenkins (Dixie and Essie’s mum) heard the screaming of Dixie outside. She rushed to the front door to see a small child blob in the distance float away. Mrs Jenkins frowned. When on earth did this horrendous flood come?

“It can’t be too deep… AHHHHHH!” Mrs Jenkins screamed as she fell underwater, right to the bottom of the flood. Swimming around she found some very interesting things. Suddenly looming over her was a gigantic, yellow object. What on earth is that? She thought out loud. Swimming upwards frantically, to take another breath, for her lungs were about to burst, a blaring hoot shot out across the flood. The moving object stopped in its tracks and started to swim downwards. Mrs Jenkins screamed as she found herself face to face with a submarine! She tried to swim away as quickly as possible but something or someone reached out and pulled her closer and closer to the strange submarine.

       Finally, she gave in and let the person pull her into the submarine. Guess who it was? “DIXIE!” Mrs Jenkins screamed. She jumped onto her, crying with happiness. Behind them Essie came and bounded onto the reunion cuddle also crying with happiness. Soon they arrived in the town hall, and how everyone cheered.

“Hip-hip hooray!”

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