If only I could tell him

A normal 16 year old teen has a crush. Except this time, this crush is a little different. Kinze thinks her and Calum will only be bestfriends. Calum thinks the same thing. Calum has a girlfriend. Kendel, (Calums gf) has hurt kinze. She has hurt Kinze so bad, she has started cutting. Kinze never tells Calum or her boyfriend. Kinze's boyfriend has hurt Kinze so many times. But there is something about him she likes. The only person she has told, is her friend. Kinze would love to tell Calum. She wants the best for Calum. No matter how much it hurts, she wants Calum to be happy. Until she finally told him. It changed everything!


1. What won't she tell me?

Calum's POV

        I was waiting for Kinze. As usual. I gave her a ride home everyday. Mainly because she's my bestfriend, my neighbot, but mostly because I like her. I have ever since I was 7. We have been best friends since we were 6 and 7. Everyday she beats me to my car. This time, she was late. 10 minutes late. I was so worried about her.  I went to text her. But as soon as I pulled my phone out of my pants pocket, I seen Kinze. But there was something wrong. She was crying. I put my phone on the top of my car and Kinze came running over to me. she threw her packpack dow. I wrapped her in my arms with a hug. She was warm. She felt as is she was full of depression, full of sadness. She smelt amazing. Her beautiful lilac perfume, I loved it. But I was more focused on what happend to her. "Kinze, what happened?" "K... I just want to go home Cal. Soon Michael came walking over with his girlfriend  Paige, and Ash came walking over with his girlfriend Kaiya. I don't know where Luke was. But I didn't care. Michael and Paige were holding hands. And so were Ash and Kaiya. Mikey luaghed and asked, "wow. Two girls in one day?" Paige smacked him. "Does Kinze need us to comeover?" Ash asked. "I don't know. Cal also wants to know if Kinze needs us to comeover." She just nodded. "I'll drive said Ash. Everyone got in and I was still holding Kinze in my arms. There was no better feeling than having her in my arms. It took us about 10 minutes to get to her house.

        We walked in her house. "We're home mom!" There was no answer. I guess her mom wasn't home. We all went to Kinze's room. She sat on her bed and I sat down next to her. Ash and Kaiya sat on the couch, and Michael and Paige layed a blanket on the floor and layed on that. I wonder what was wrong with her. I asked her and she just said nothing. I asked her like 10 times. Still no answer. I just gave up. Then she asked to talk to me in the hall.

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