A drop in the ocean

"I love you"

"Love you more" he said a tear streaming down his cheek

I looked over a the blue ocean in front of us and intertwine my fingers with his. I felt a little drop of rain on me as I kept starring into the ocean as drops of rain fell into the ocean. There was darkness I heard him calling my name but my body became weak and there I died.


1. 1.

Eat your food my mother said from across the table

I'm not hungry I said pushing my food away from me

Fine she said

You let me go so easily I yelled getting up out of my seat

Your sick she said tears in her eyes

Mom I know I have cancer and it's so bad and the can only do treatments and hope it works. I didn't want to be in a hospital till I die I want to live a normal life, a normal teenage life I said starring at her dead in the eye

I know and I'm sorry she said tears streaming down her face. Then just when she started crying dad walked in the room from work.

What's wrong he said sitting before her wiping the tears off her face then looking at me. Just great, I was done with all this so I walked up to my room and slammed my door shut.


I woke up to my loud alarm on my phone. I sat up and looked at my room. I got up and put on leggings a grey long sleeve shirt, black scarf, grey beanie,big fake glasses,with black bear paws.

I walked down stairs with my iPhone and backpack. I grabbed a banana while my mom drove me to my last place I would ever want to be found dead on earth.

Bye mom love you I yelled as I closed the car door. Everybody was walking up too the three doors that opened up to high school. I started walking as I saw the most popular boy in school "Jake Hifer" and his best bud "Daniel Fanner.

I didn't have any friends because I knew that if they got attached to me they would be heart broken when I left. I was in school as I walked to my locker. It was just another day of being a nobody. I felt my body fall to the ground as I looked up to see Daniel Fanner.

I'am so sorry he said trying to help me up but his best friend Jake you know the popular one slapped him on the back and said " leave her she'll get up by herself but I know you can't beat me to first period" he said Daniel looked at me but back at Jake and ran away. Now I felt sore like really sore. I got up and grabbed my books and headed to first period.


It was now gym time. I'm not aloud to go in and do running or anything that involves me breathing hard. So I most likely sit on the bench. I only come to gym to just watch and play in my phone and take a breather so my brain can rest from the tests and writing and you know.

I saw Daniel walk in, he was limping. He gave our gym teacher Mrs. Tutt a slip. He looked over toward me. He started walking towards me until he sat next to me.

Hey he said looking at me

Hi I mumbled looking out at everyone stretching

Sorry about this morning I just didn't want to let down Jake he said I rolled my eyes at him but he didn't see because I was looking at everyone starting to run.

It's ok I sighed

Maybe we could be bench buddies he said putting an arm around me

As long as you don't fall in love with me, we'll be good I said looking at him and holding out for him to shake it. He shook it.

And laughed a little. Would you mind sitting at lunch with me he asked "bench buddy" he said again

Will you sit with me I asked him

I would love too my Prince Charming he said looking at me. I giggled at that and just shook my head at his statement.

Well lunch came by quick and I started getting my food and sat at the back where I usually sit. I started munching on my chips while putting in my earphones as my favorite son came on " A Drop In The Ocean". I felt my earphone come out my ear as I looked to my right where Daniel sat.

Good song he said

Thanks I said

By the way I never got your name he said

Marie I answered

I like it he said

Just as then Jake came to sit down next to jake with the most popular girl in the school Britt. She was nice to people it's just that she talked trash about you behind your back.

We all sat and talked small talk. Wasn't that much but I new that everybody in that cafeteria would die to be in my spot right now.

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