Big Brown eyes


1. coffee

"Hmm , punkin spiced latte sound good please"I asked Tony.Tony had worked at coffee2go for 3month and in them 3 months I had seen him about , everyday.I think that's bad but oh well I just love coffee to much , that's the problem.

"Sure do you want medium or large."tony replied.

"Erm large , go large or go home haha"I said.I always laugh at myself really , it's just one of them weird things I do.

I ordered my coffee and sat down gazing at my laptop which read 'assessment 1' and yes I hadn't written any of it yet.

As I began to have an idea in my head, a cute boy with brown hair walked In and looking at the state I was in ,I hid be hide my laptop screen. Annoyingly, the boy noticed me and began to walk over . At that moment My arm moved from staring at the boy and I spilt my coffee all over my jeans I was wearing the blue ripped one from forever 21.The boy ran over with a shocking look on his face " Are you ok? Does it hurt"he explained.


I didn't have a clue what to say I was amazed by his body and his brown,bright eyes pointed into my eyes. Both of our eyes interlocked for a few seconds then awkwardly he asked "what's you name?"

And I replied.......

Next chapter coming soon!

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