Soulless Sammy

What really happened during the year Sammy was soulless?? And did Cas really send help?? What's a Seera?? And will Dean ever find out??


1. The Beginning

Castiel I watched from a distance, as Sam struggled to his feet, his hair soaked in sweat, face covered in dirt and filth. He took in his surroundings, hazel eyes dulled with pain. Though I stood in his line of view, he could not see me. Sam must not know that I was the one who pulled him from Lucifer's Cage. Not yet. It wasn't easy, and he was suppose to stay locked in that cage. I had once again defied the written plan. Sam is my friend, and leaving him in that cage, with of my brothers was not an option. Both Michael and Lucifer found totureing people fun, when they were bored. He slowly looked around him, his eyes widening as he realized where he was. "What the hell?!" He exclaimed, surprised. "Cas!" He yelled. "Castiel get your feathery ass down here!" All I could do was stand there my heart heavy with guilt. When I pulled Sam from The Cage I was only able to bring back half of him. His soul was still locked in that cage. I had one shot, or else Lucifer would break free. All I could do was hope Sam being soulless wouldn't effect him. Wouldn't change him. After waiting a few moments with no reply, Sam began to stumble towards the gate. His clothes were in tatters, his shoes gone. He winced as he made his way over the rocked, sticks, and other debris that littered the graveyard. I had pulled him relatively unharmed, he had a few cuts and abrasions, nothing serious. He was exhausted and almost fell several times, before reaching the gate. I watched him stumble into the street and catch a passing car. Once he was safe inside the blue truck, I flashed out. **** "Castiel, what were you thinking?" Niomi asked, rather harshly. "I was thinking about my friends. I could not just leave Sam down there with both Lucifer and Michael." I replied. "That is not how it is written" Niomi said, practically yelling now. "I have ignores the written rules for some time now. I fell because I chose family." I replied, softly. "Castiel, we are your family." "No youre not. Family doesn't look for a reason to kill each other. Family doesn't leave you for dead. Dean and Sam are my family. Just 'cause you're blood don't mean you're family. You have to earn that." I said, quoting Dean, and rendering Naomi speechless. "I-i-but" she stuttered. "Bye, Naomi." I cut her off. **** "Searra," I called into the night. I knew she was close, I could feel her. "Searra, come out. I must speak with you." I said, turning in a slow circle. "I'm here, Angel Cakes." She said, stepping into view. She had long blond hair, with curious gray eyes. Her skin the color of warm hot chocolate, with a little milk. Her tail about half of her 5'8" height, same color as her skin, with a barbed tip. "I am not a sweet frosted cake." I said, tilting my head slightly to the left. "You look like a curious cat, Cas." She said with a sigh. "What do you want, Cas?" "I need your help." "With what?" She asked me, her mind clearly wandering. "Sam" A/N: Kay so first fanfic, don't judge. Not my first time writing. Searra will be explained a little bit later on. She is a creature I made up. This is that year Sammy was without his soul.
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