Edgeworth's Lament

Note: This movella contains spoilers for the first Phoenix Wright game. Unless you have finished it or aren't planning on playing it, do not read this.

This poem is my interpretation of Miles Edgeworth's thoughts as he contemplates the DL-6 incident and whether or not he shot his father. I hope you enjoy!


1. Edgeworth's Lament

Since I was a boy, a small boy of nine,

I've been wondering about these nightmares of mine.

It's only a dream, it cannot be real.

I'm confused and alone, I don't know how to feel.

DL-6, what a case, why did you find this out?

You weren't supposed to know at all what it's about.

The case where my father, my father was shot.

There was one guilty person, and 'twas innocent that he got.

It was only a dream, that's what's kept my head.

It couldn't have been me that made my father dead.

It had to be Yogi, Yanni Yogi the bailiff.

He should have gone down, he would have gone to jail if...

If it weren't for that Hammond, that demon attorney,

I would not prosecute, would not be on this journey.

The streets would be safer, one murderer less.

It was all Yogi's fault, unless... unless...

No! 'Twas a dream! 'Twas a dream that I had!

I couldn't've, I wouldn't've, I never shot my Dad!

The gun that I threw, the shot that I heard,

I couldn't have done it, the thought is absurd.

Father was killed by my hands, with the gun.

And he lied when channelled to protect his son.

'Haps Yogi was innocent, I'm the guilty one.

It must have been me, justice must be done.

Tomorrow in court, I'll confess to my crime.

I won't let the murderer get away this time!

I threw the pistol, the gunshot, the scream,

It must have been reality, it wasn't a dream.

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