Michael Mayhem

Sasha's in love with Michael Clifford. Does he love her back or will Hayley come between them? Will Ashton and Lilli be happy together? Will Sasha choose Michael or Tyson, her old boyfriend?


1. Heartbreak


Hi, this is my first proper story so I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes or anything. Please comment what you think and what you want my next story to be about. This first story is about a girl who falls for a boy and he doesn't like her back... for now... but will he come to love her as he realises that  she starts to move on or will he accept it? As she battles bullies, break ups, pimples and perfections she has to choose between her life long crush or a guy she only just met...

Chapter one
Her heart sank as Michael looked at Hayley with that look in his eyes. The way she looked at him was similar. Michael finally grabbed his jacket and sat next to Hayley. They talked about the next girls football match which Hayley was taking part in. They were sat in Costa. Sasha wouldn't stop looking until Lilli tapped her shoulder. Sasha looked up sadly. 
"You're upset about Michael, aren't you?" Lilli gave Sasha a hug and waved at Amber, who sat down next to Hayley with two medium hot chocolates in her hand. She set them down on the table infront of them and started to chat. Hayley commented about how pretty Amber looked in her Holister top and jeans.
 Sasha took a sip of her coffee and patted down her plain button down shirt. Sasha was wearing her casual white button down shirt, skinny jeans and white nikes. She had a scarf wrapped around her neck and a cream beanie covering her ponytail. Lilli walked over and hugged her brother, Michael, their red hair blending together as Michael turned his chair to face Sasha and Lilli. The wind blew Lilli's red hair across her face when Ashton, Calum and Luke came in through the door and grabbed a chair each to sit next to Sasha and Lilli.
"Hey guys!" Sasha said leaning against Luke's shoulder. Luke wrapped his arm around his sister. Ashton came behind Lilli and kissed her on the cheek lightly. Calum quickly waved just before he ran to Amber and sat next to her. 
"So, what have you got there Lil?" Ashton asked curiously staring into her costa cooler. 
"Mango and passionfruit, obviously." Lilli replied. Ashton pulled a face.
"It smells disgusting. You on the other hand smell of apples. Delicious!" Ashton made a nibbling noise and everyone bursted out laughing. 
"God Ash. We're gonna wet ourselves if you make us laugh!" Sasha giggled. 
" Why on earth are you smelling my sister? You freak." Michael said. Luke smiled and took a mouthful of Sasha's coffee. 
"Hey! Buy your own, you stupid penguin!" Sasha said, snatching back her coffee and laughing. Luke got up and walked over to the counter to order a coffee for himself. The waitress twirled her hair as she took his order. She handed him a piece of paper with numbers on it and smiled. He walked off grinning. 
"Hey, guess what? I just got Becka's number! She seems quite cool." Luke said, adding Becka to his contacts and texting her. The waitress' phone buzzed and she texted Luke back.
"Hello? Earth to Sasha!" Michael said waving his hand infront of her face. Sasha shook her head and looked up.
"Hey, sorry I zoned out." Sasha apoligised as she looked down at her iPhone. She had two missed calls from Hayley. No one really noticed but Sasha didn't perticularly like Hayley and her gang because Hayley liked Luke and Michael. Sasha looked at the time, it was five o'clock and was getting dark. 
"Guys, it's five. We better leave or our parents will kill us. "Sasha said, getting up. Everyone nodded and grabbed their stuff. 
"See you guys tomorrow?" She asked, 
"Yeah, at one?" Lilli said and shrugged on her superdry coat. Sasha nodded and took Luke's hand. Lilli gave Ashton a kiss and he went crimson red, Lilli went over to Michael and dumped his empty cooler in the bin. Everyone left Costa and began to walk home.
"Bye Sash, bye Lukey!" Lilli yelled as her and Michael crossed the street and walked down Hazel road. Michael waved,
"Bye Sasha! Bye mate!" Michael shouted. Amber and Hayley rushed over to Michael and Lilli, Amber screaming,
"Bye everyone!" Sasha and Luke laughed. Then as Hayley was about to go to her house she spun around, gave Sasha an evil look and kissed Michael on the lips as soon as Lilli was out of sight. Michael stared at Hayley, his mouth open with astonishment. Hayley and Amber walked to Hayley's house. Amber going crazy. Sasha looked over at Michael, his  cheeks burning red, then he ran after Lilli, his red hair bouncing as he ran. 


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