Summer Cruise (JB)

Anna Kennedy is 17 years old and lives in New York with her parents. There are going on a cruise in the summer vacation, which absolutely changes Anna’s life. Her summer fills up with alcohol, drugs and love with a sweet, talented boy from Canada. Anna is falling in love with the boy and is spending all her time with him on the huge ship.


1. Chapter 1

*Anna’s point of view*


“Anna” my mom shouted from our kitchen. I could hear on her voice that she wasn’t angry, maybe just busy. We were going on a cruise tomorrow and we had had a few problems with our company. My parents wanted to have a vacation with me and without work.

Oh, let me tell about my family and I. My name is Anna if you didn’t get that in the first sentence. Anna Kennedy. I’m 17 years old and I live in New York with my parents, Laura and James. I have a big brother. His name is Julius and he is 19 years old. He moved out last year and lived together with his girlfriend in a few months, but he had to participate in war. There he is now, in war. His girlfriend lives still in their house in New York and is waiting a baby. My brother is the father of course.

As I said my parents had had a few problems with their company, because they have namely their own company. The company sells interior stuff like pillows, candlesticks, picture frames and a lot of other things. My parents started the company when we inherited lots of money from my grandparents four years after I was born. They died in a plane crash.

I’m going in High School. I don’t have a boyfriend even though I’m one of the most popular girls on my school. I have a lot of really good friends. Some of them are better than other ofc.

I think you have heard enough about my family and I now. Lets just get further the story.


I shouted “what” back to my mom and waited for her to shout something again. But she didn’t. Instead she just suddenly stood in my door and looked a little bit creepy, haha. “Have you started packing your things for the cruise?” she asked and looked over at my suitcase. There was nothing in it. “Ehm, I have think about it, but isn’t started” I said and send my mom a big nervous smile. “Anna, you ha-“ she started, but I interrupt her. “Mom, I know. I will start packing my things now, okay?” She nodded and left my room. Then I started packing my things.

I walked over to my bed and sat on it. I was so tired, it was also a little late and I had to be fresh tomorrow, so I decided to go bed.


-Hey, i know the first chapter is pretty short, but i just wanted a short beginning. I'm sure the next chapter will be longer. Give the story a chance and stay updated :)) 

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