Starting Over

Miklaya Is Liam's little sister who has always wanted to sing like him but when she was 11 she was the boys opening act and got a lot of Hate. 4 years later she is ready to move on from the and Start over


1. chapter 1


"Mikalya it time for you to go on stage!" yells your older brother Liam.

"I'm coming boys let me grab my guitar." You yell back.

Your super excited because you get to go on tour With your brother Liam and your/his 4 best friends Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall.

"Two minutes till your on Mikayla" yells the manager as you run up to the stage entrance it's you first ever performance in Front of anyone besides the boys and your hopping becoming their opening act will be a start of something new.

As you walk out on stage and start to sing you hear LOTS of Boo's and people telling you that you can't sing and should get off the stage and let the real performers on.

End of flashback*

The was four years ago. You are 15 now and are going to stop letting all the Hate go to your head. You are on the TMH tour with the Boys and are their opening act for tonight.

"Mack you going to do great" Liam and the boys say trying to cheer you up because your sooo nervous.

"5 minutes to show time Mack, good luck!" Paul comes in to get you going to the stage. As soon as you walk on stage all your nerves go away and you perform perfectly.

Writers note:

Hey everyone this is my first Story!! I'm sooo excited I finally got the nerve to write! So tell me what you think and if I should keep writing!

Comment bellow please! If you have thoughts please tell me!

~M. xxx

"OMG Mack you did GREAT!" All the guys yell as u walk back.

I don't know how we can even perform after what u just did, it was so good! Says Harry.

After giving everyone a hug it's time for the Boys to go on stage.

"Good luck guys" you say and blow them each a kiss for good luck.

When they are on stage singing the boys call u back on stage to sing with them.

"We asked Mack to come on stage with us cause she was the inspiration to write this song...she is the story of our lives always has since the day she was born. This is Story of My Life."

After concert*


"I told ya we had a surprise for you Lill' sis! Says Liam.

"I know but I thought you meant after the concert.

"Oh yeah there is one now too! Says Louis picking Mack up and running around with her on his shoulder.


Louis puts her down and Zayn runs over and starts arguing with the other boys about who She like the best.

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