The Love of MY LIfe


1. chapter 1

I was laying in my bed thinking about my boyfriend. He's perfect. Captain of the football team,class president and he's almost too hot. How lucky am I to have gotten a guy like that. My mom died a couple weeks ago and I have no other siblings just me and my dad. I wish it was me and my mom. Ever since my mother died he just keeps drinking and has threatened to abuse me if he had to. But that was the least of my problems,I still had to find out what I was going to wear to the party. I finally found an outfit. I was wearing high waisted shorts and a hot pink and black laced crop top. I put my hair in a stylish bun. I got to the party an hour late. It was so much fun but I couldn't find Troy. I went upstairs and opened the bathroom door. I found Troy kissing mindy the head of the chearleading squad. I ran out and went home he tried to call me but I didn't answer. I went home and found my stepfather in the living room drunk. As usual. "Where have you been." I went to a little party with my friends. "I didn't tell you could go."Your grounded." The only reason your grounding me is because mums dead and u don't know how to deal with your shitty problems. As soon as I was done I regretted everything I said. Before I knew it I was on the floor gettin punched kicked slapped and beaten in every possible way.As soon as my dad went to sleep I ran and never looked back. I got on a bus straight to London. Have been staying at a hotel for about two weeks now. I heard about this new band one direction was staying here too. I heard a couple of their songs and saw some pictures but that was it. I thought about their screaming fans and how girls could possibly act this way and especially for a guy I mean seriously. Way to show the women power.someone knocked on the door and interrupted my train of thought I hope it wasn't my father I can't stand him. I opened the door and it was a guy with blonde hair a pair of sun glasses and his collar up like he was trying to hide. Ummmmmm.......who are you and what do you want. "Well I was looking for room number 227" this is room number 226. 227 is next door. "Oh thank you." Your welcome. "Wait. You really don't know who I am." No and I don't really care. He moved the sunglasses and as soon as I saw him I knew it was Niall from one direction. When I saw the posters and heard the songs I fell in love with them I can't believe I didn't notice him and his Irish accent. I looked at him speechless for about 30 seconds but then I kept up with the i don't care scene. Was that supposed to help I don't know who you are I told you that. "I'm Niall from one direction. Ohhhhh I'm really sorry for this but um,who's one direction. "May I come in just so I can show you. It's kinda cold out here."you mean in the well heated hallway sure come in.


I can't believe that she didn't know who one direction was. I know it was wrong of me but I started snooping around her room as soon as she went into the bathroom. I opened one of her drawers and I saw a one direction cd and some one direction posters. I can't believe she lied. I knew there was no way she didn't know who one direction was. I closed the drawer quickly as she came out of the bathroom. "So what did u want to come in for." I guess I forgot. I really just wanted an excuse to come in but. So are u gonna leave or not. Oh yea next door right,thank you love see ya around yea. Bye.

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