Find out what happens to Diana in highschool when she runs into someone on the street


1. Friday (after school)

                                                        Almost 3:03. I've been in class all day just waiting patiently for the clock to change to 3:03.

  It's 3:00 school is almost over. I have math, history, English homework, of course all of my homework isn't due for two weeks. These jeans i'm wearing hardly fit. Yeah i'm totally going to the mall after school. 3:01. "Do you have a pencil." "Sorry what." "Can I have a pencil please." "Sure." Wait did i just give her my last pencil. Well guess i'm going to Walmart first. 3:02. One more minute. I should get a dress for the dance next Friday. Not like anyone is ever going to ask me, They all bully me I shouldn't bother showing up but I am. I should get my hair dyed green at the mall. ( bell ringing) 3:03. As soon as the bell rang I grabbed my book bag and walked out the school with my ear buds in. ( arrives at the mall). I'm going to Macy first. There was a beautiful black dress. I got it. (inters hair dyeing store)" Hello welcome to Dived Colors." "Can i get my hair dyed green." "Of course." They had this medium green color i picked out. ( gets hair dyed) "thank you it looks great" "your welcome we also are having a special offer today if you get your hair dyed you get a free piercing." "can i get my lip pierced." "sure." I picked out a black lip ring. ( gets lip pierced). Okay now maybe I should go home. " ow" (drops bags) "oh i'm so sorry" "hey you're Harry Styles" "Yes but i believe i didn't get your name" "it's Diana" "well hello Diana can i have your number" "I guess but we just met".

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