Nerds change

Marcel styles is the nerd of school. But his brothers edward and harry made him change.and he knew why. If bullies wanted to beat him they would have a pretty damn hard time turning down his muscles and tatoos.and all there heart melts when 3 malik brothers come in named niall,liam,and zayn.and he claimed zayn as his,niall is harrys,and liam is edwards.


1. school triplets

  Marcel pov     

   I woke up to my annoying alarm signaling i have to go to that hell hole. I slammed it to the floor.i heard my door open."marcey get up" i heard harry say."i thought were supposed to go to heaven,why are we going to hell?"i groaned getting up. I heard edward laugh as he passed the door."we are little bro, forget it"he said."5 fucking seconds Edward get it in your stupid brain!!"i yelled at him.i heard him laugh down stairs.i looked at harry and he was smirking."ah,that smirk that got us in trouble for 3 years straight, what have you and edward planned this time harold"i said sternly. He chuckled. "And thats the chuckle after you get laid"he glared and  a             handed me the exact same clothes. And  they were wearing. I sighed. I got up  and put on my glasses."were screwed" i said as i went in the bathroom.he giggled. "Your gay is showing"i said smirking at him. He glared.yes,we are all gay. I brushed my teeth and put in my contacts. I put my bandana over my curls and put my black skinny jeans on.i put a white muscle tee on,some of my chain necklaces,a blue checkered   jacket,and brown boots.i walked out and grabbed my phone,head phones, and my duffel bag for football practice. I grabbed my nike drawstring bookbag and walked down stairs.i looked at them and groaned.i rolled up the sleeves on my jacket so it looked shortsleeved. We walked outside and walked to our hell full of the damned,or as normal people call it high school. "Off to hell    we go"i sarcastically said. They laughed. We walked in and every body stared at us. They arched there eyebrows at us.we smirked at the same time.i saw niall leaning against my locker.niall has been my friend since 7th grade when he found me on the floor crying."really,today" he groaned.he pulled out a marker. He looked at me. He put something on my bandana. He went to edward. He  pulled up his shirt and put it back down then put an E on his bandana. He put a H on harrys bandana. "Im not gonna ask how you know thats edward by looking at his chest" i said. They laughed. The bell rung and we went to class and got to work.




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