Kari, or number 157, is your average human or Bleeder as they call them but she hides in the shadows between the Bloodsuckers in the upturned world where they have taken over. No one like her is safe from death. Then when she is picked for the hunt what can she do but rebel if only to save her own life.


1. Chapter One

  Chapter One

The world is very different now they have taken over. You have to be more careful, copy them and they won’t find out. I watched them drain the life out of a girl before. I had to pretend to want to join and be angry when I couldn’t reach the action. She got a paper cut, in maths. Her blood dripped onto the desk, and they pounced. She was careless. It is one thing to run and hide from them but it another to hide among them like I do. My brother took care of me for a while, our parents were killed among the first few who they captured. They captured some of us and tested on them, seeing what chemicals would make the blood taste even better. I heard this from the gossip around the school, saliva dripping from their mouths as they talked on and on about it. My brother told me to stay out of their way as much as possible when I’m at school, make myself out to be a loner and that is what they will take you for he told me. He told me to be careful and copy the actions they make. He told me this before he died. He ran off during the day meaning they couldn’t follow him for a while in direct sunlight or their bodies would begin to melt into a gooey pile with the same consistency as melted cheese, at least until nightfall when they could follow without this threat. They followed the direction he left. Following his sent, which was vague after the downpour of rain that had occurred shortly after he vanished over the rise. I don’t know if it was him they found or not. I overheard some of the teachers at school saying that they found a body of a Bleeder in some water, but that is was useless because it was already drained meaning some other Bloodsucker had already got to them. They call us “Bleeder’s” because of the hot blood that circles around our bodies endlessly till we die. They are often the cause of that. Death. If any of them find one of us, you would wish that death would grant you one last wish, and give you a quick ending. But no. When they get to you, when not if, as their teeth sink deeper and deeper into your neck you can feel your life essence draining from your body. But that is not the end, I have watched this motion on countless occasions. The one who caught you would drain most of your blood as reward but then they would let others drink from your wrists and any other visible veins, by this point you would be too weak to fight back so you give in to your fate and slowly start to fade away more and more every time a new sharp agonising pain occurs, watching the last few faces of these creatures killing you, your vision starts to grey as you hold on to the last slips of humanity. Then finally just as you are leaving this world the use their long pointed fingernails to slit open your stomach and gouge out your organs. Finally you are dead, and the pain and torment has ended. For you anyway. Sometimes I wish just to trip and graze my knee or get a paper cut like that one girl, just to let one drop of blood leave the safety of my body and lead to my lengthy death, but then at least it would be over and I wouldn’t have to continue. But I promised him. My brother, I promised him I would keep going no matter what happens. Every night I leave the house at dusk, as does everyone else. From my house to the school I ride the bus, full to the brim with them. On the bus is where I have to be extra careful, being sure to not bump into anything that would cause me pain, causing me to show any form of emotion on my face that would give away my identity. At school they don’t call us by our names, we have an assigned number in our year to call us by. I’m number is 157. As the lights starts to dapple and darken through the gaps in the blackout curtains, I quickly check over my list; fangs whitened, all body hair removed because the Bloodsuckers have no hair on their bodies apart from their heads, and fingernails sharpened trying my best to help me blend in. I whip around the door as dusk finally arrives, and lock it behind me. As I walk briskly down the street in the arriving darkness, the bus pulls up at its stop. I hop, more like jump on like the others seeing as there are no steps just a gap between the concreate and the cold metal floor of the bus. I find a seat near the front on the left, as we pass the other three more stops no one comes to join me and sit in the seat beside me. Just as well really. I’m always really paranoid of slipping up, just once and my life would end in the blink of an eye, just like that and then there would be no more me. But I’m sure the world wouldn’t mind my absence at all seeing as it has been pretty much killed off, from my perspective anyway. After picking up students from the three other stops, we head on to the school. A big brick building that looks like it could’ve been a prison back before the terror. They call it ‘The Evolution’ when they teach us about what happened in history class. An army of Bloodsuckers swarmed through the streets and invaded houses in the dead of night, before sunrise even began. Many of the humans were dead, with some separated from their families and dragged off to be tested on like rats. Then by the time the sun actually rose most of the city was dead, those who were alive wish they weren’t and many didn’t even see their attackers as they were all gone by the time the light of the sun appeared in the morning sky. As I walked through the school gates no heads turned and that’s how I like it. Walking through the entrance of the school with false confidence showing in my stride to assembly in the main hall first. As I get there and sit in my designated seat, I look around to my surroundings that would’ve once been beautiful but not so much now as it has been taken over by these disgusting creatures that now continue to fill the empty space. The high walls with wooden arches and beams that follow patterns, twisting and turning like rope until the reach the ceiling. A fake glass ceiling that looks glass but isn’t, with stars scattered across the open space. A large marble fire place is the centre piece on the two opposite side walls to the big double door entrance that you could easily drive a truck through with no problem, small shaped windows letting the vague moonlight shimmer through them creating distant patterns on the floor and this floor a white marble to match the fireplaces. With the rows upon rows of chairs to seat the whole school. After everyone has filed in and are in the right seats, assembly begins. The headmaster begins by telling us relative news and the achievements of some people in the school, I hate calling them people because they are not people. They are demons that just set up shop in your old house, remembering your life before; who your friends where, your family, what you did for a living and the whole nine yards. But it’s not you. After this he tells us that a little expedition will be taking place, to hunt down all of the Bleeders in this area called ‘The Hunt’ and feast on them till they’re dry. Using all my strength to look excited and ravenous from this news till the end of the assembly instead of the worrisome turmoil running full speed inside that is being supressed otherwise I would be showing it through my facial features which could ultimately get me killed. I leave the hall as quickly as possible with looking rushed, and make it to my first lesson with time to spare. The day goes by like usual, boring and slow. We leave at 1am to make sure we have enough time to get home before the sun rises and we also have enough time to do any work that is set. As the final bell rings at 1am, I along with everyone else dash for the door and race home. I often prefer to walk home rather than catch the bus along with everyone else, it’s marginally less risky. It takes 30 minutes to walk from the dingy school back to my small house located just outside the main town. After I nip through the doorway of my house I quickly lock it behind me after checking that no bloodsucker followed me home. I can relax in my own home. It’s the only place I have ever felt safe, it is pretty much the only place I am safe. I remove my fake fangs from my mouth to clean and whiten them for tomorrow.  I finish off the lorry load full of Maths work my strict and fanged teacher had set previously in the day, even the Bloodsuckers think he is very strict, which means he is worse than you’d imagine. Then finally I find some rest after today’s long day. But every time I close my eyes, even for a minute, I see flashing images of Humans being feasted on by Bloodsuckers, some recognisable from school. Corpses strewn across the pavements and the road but mostly in a high pile consisting of the bloodless bodies of men, woman and even children. But then darkness finally surrounds my overactive brain as I descend into the unconsciousness of sleep.

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