Love Behind The Cam

AJ works behind the cameras but falling hard in love with a member of 5 Seconds of summer Michael Clifford �� But can she resist Luke Hemmings? Read to find out! ��


1. You Saved My Ass

Chapter One

Hey my name is Ariel Jasmine, I am 19 years old still living with my mum. I know I need to get my own place but I can't afford it right know "Ms. Jasmine get over here and do your job or I will have someone else do it!" My boss Mr. Smith yell from behind the counter. I work at a studio were they film movies and music videos, I am the only one who can operate the cameras properly. I started playing with the camera when a boy with green hair taped me on the shoulder. "Um, excuse me but do you know where the rest of my mates are? They were supposed to be here an hour ago." He look hot as hell. I looked through my head to find the right thing to say but the only thing I could say was "Uh......" He laughed OMG he has such an adorable laugh! "It's ok love. Let's start small, hello my name is Michael and yours?" He reached out his hand for mine, "I'm Ariel, Ariel Jasmine but most people call me AJ." "You have a very beautiful name Ariel, or AJ." He kissed the top of my hand and I giggled. "Thank you. You are the first person who didn't laugh at my name." I said with a little bit of confidence, he smiled with his teeth HOLY SHIT his teeth were as white as snow! "Ms. Jasmine what are you standing around for! That's it your-" Michael cut Mr. Smith off, "My apologies sir she was just telling me were the restrooms were." "Um..well carry on then but Jasmine we need these cameras ready by four!" He yelled just before walking to one of the directors. "Whoa you saved my ass, thanks." I said smiling and getting up. "No problem well I better go before I get you fired. Pleaser meeting you AJ." He walked away in his tight black skinny jeans, damn he has a great looking ass. "Hey mate! You have got to check out that hottie with the red hair." I heard Michael say as he walked up to a skinny boy, looked no older than 17, and he had blonde hair.

Michael's POV

"Hey mate! You have have to check out that hottie with the red hair." I told Luke talking about AJ. I think she heard me because when I looked back she was smiling at the ground, "Damn. I mean look at that ass i just want to walk up to her and grab it." He twisted his head and then I punched him in the arm, "Shut the hell up dude!" I said before getting my guitar. Luke started laughing his ass off then Ashton and Calum ran over to us. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Ashton asked getting his lucky drum sticks. "Michael!'s so red!" Luke pointed at me and then they all started laughing with him. "Oh my god! Your face!" Calum said pointing at me and laughing at me along with Luke. "Shut the fuck up both of you!" I said walking and running into AJ. "Ow! Who the fu-" She turn around and saw me, I noticed that she dropped some of her things so I picked them up for her. "Uh, here." She smiled as I handed her purse to her. "Are you leaving?" I asked. "Yeah, I only set up the cameras here." I smiled at her knowing what I wanted to do, "Well I have to stay for my music video but after could I like um if you wanted to, we could probably.." I couldn't find my words! "Michael Clifford are you asking me out in a date?" She giggled and it was sexy. "U believe I am, will you Ariel Jasmine go on a date with me tonight?" I took her hand and kissed it, "I would be honored to go on a date with you." I watched her walk out, her long red hair flowing behind her. "Aw! Mikey's got himself a date!" Luke said in his best baby voice. "Shut up and put on your damn super hero costume."


I walked out of the studio and tried to find my white van when I dropped my keys. I bent down to pick them up when I bumped heads with someone. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to catch you before you left. I'm Luke by the way." He held out his hand for me to shake, I did and smiled. "I'm AJ."

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