Blood Song

Meet Miranda; An Equine Science Veterinary student at Olds College in Alberta who's got it all. Money, cars, horses, and most of all, the captain of the boy’s soccer team chasing after her.

Meet Markus; A 300 year old Draugr vampire with an appetite for destruction...and pretty girls.

Two mysterious murders happen in Olds and everyone is instantly unsettled, including Miranda. Forced to walk home from campus, she meets a strange man who has the most mesmerizing eyes.

Fast forward to a few hours later, she wakes up in an unfamiliar bedroom and is forced to follow orders from someone she doesn’t know. To top it all off, he isn’t human. As Miranda spends more time with this mysterious man, she finds out frighteningly dark secrets about both of them that will ultimately flip their lives upside down in a series of twists, romances, and adventures in 'Blood Song'.

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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