Tyrek the traitor

For a competition. Tyrek's point of view from the book The Sin Eaters Daughter.
Tyrek loved his friend Twylla with all his heart although they could not touch. he hoped to please the gods some how. So that they would grant him the gift of being immune to her. So that he could be the light in her world full of darkness.


1. The Goddess's arrival

You could slice through the tension in the air. The maids were yelping every time they went round a corner and bumped into someone. Even the guards were on edge, not surprising when the goddess who was coming could kill you with a single touch. That was enough to make anyone scared. The queen had been yelling orders at his father, more than usual anyway, to get some mornings bane. Apparently the deadly goddess lived of the stuff. She was a murderer for the queen and probably relished in the enjoyment of ending someones life. He shuddered. Mornings bane was a nasty way to die.

"Back" he called to his father . His father was the Queens apothecary and for the moment was always busy preparing all kinds of medicines. He placed the morning bane onto a work top. His father nodded at him. Hadn't been very talkative ever since the queen cut his tongue out for a dodgy potion. He glanced over and noticed the ingredients for a calming tonic. It made sense seeing as people round here were making themselves sick with worry. A scream pierced through the wall followed by the whimpering of prisoners. It was a bad place to be right now. The fear of accidentally dying was nothing against the fear of a confirmed painful death. Lots of the prison guards had been looking for somewhere else to work. Anything was better than working in the assassins domain, She might get blood thirsty and decide to kill them as well. Also there was probably not going to be many prisoners in there. Now that she was arriving. Not a lot of use guarding empty cells.

He peered round the door curious to see this murderous assassin. What he saw shocked him. A girl about his age sitting on a stool crying. His eyes slid towards his father who was preparing the mornings bane into a vial. His father moved over to the girl who timidly recognized the mans presence and ever so carefully took the vial of off him. Tyreks heart fluttered as he realized that his father had been wearing gloves to stop the girls touch from harming him. She had to be the murderer but she didn't look like what he would have thought a murderer to be like. His father motioned for the girl to drink what was in the vial. That stuff was deadly poisonous he thought as he watched her gulp it down and grimace at the taste of it. But nothing no choking on blood or falling over. The guards motioned for her to move keeping a safe distance from her. She got up from her chair and looked round her eyes locking onto Tyrek. He shut the door hurriedly as if being quick at removing myself from her sight had stopped her from seeing him. 

The door opened a while later and his father was standing at the door inviting me in. As his father cleared away the surface, Tyrek went to help and realized that one of the pails had blood on it.
"You cut her"
His father nodded in response. In shock he left the room and without thinking about it He made my way to the kitchen. Cook took one glance of Tyrek.
"Not what you were expecting, was it ?" Handing over a chunk of bread.
"She's so young" Tyrek mumbled to himself.
"Shes no younger than you, but she hasn't got anyone at all" Cook said softly.
He mumbled his thanks and left. It's true what cook said though, She hasn't got anyone cause no one can touch her. It must be so sad to be all by herself. He remembered when mum left with a heavy heart.

The assassin was in the room again. No, not assassin but Twylla. He had heard her name being mentioned in the corridors. He crept through the door his voice stuttering
"Tw..ylla... rig...ht?" . Her face grew alarmed and her guards drew their swords. He backed away "I ...just wanted to talk to her"
"Its okay" her voice timidly reached out. Her guards glanced towards one another. One shrugged and they put their swords away. He pulled a chair up. Keeping some distance from her due to the worried glances from his father and the guards.
"So what do you do for fun?" he asked cheerfully.
"I read a little" She replied.
"So nothing like climbing trees then" he said with a grin on his face.

They continued chating like this for a while and when they were finally pulled away by the slightly smirking guards. They promised to talk again next week. This continued and they were soon talking for a lot longer than it took to poison Twylla. The guards were berated from getting to chummy with Twylla in case they ever forgot how dangerous she was.


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