I Love You (More Than A Friend)

Kacey Williams is a normal teenage girl. She's popuar, beautiful, and strong. But, she has one flaw that makes the other kids talk about her. She's lesbian. Emily Martin is a girl who's mom died when she was very young. Her dad is very overprotective. Emily's stepmom is not too fond of the fact that she's a lesbian. The two girls go to the same school. What happens when they find love?


1. The First Day

Emily's POV

"Morning, Em.Time to wake up. First day of school," Dad said, shaking me softly.

"Ok, Dad. Good Morning," I said, cheerfully.

I jumped out of bed, pushed my dad out of my room, and picked out a plaid shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I went to the bathroom and ran the water. I let the warm water run down my back. I got out, walked to the mirror and did my makeup. I picked up my hairbrush and brushed my blonde hair. Then, I pulled it up in a messy ponytail.

All of a sudden, Jordyn, my sister came running up to me.

"Hey, Emmie, can you give me a ride today?" she asked me.

"Yeah, get in the car. I'll be out in a minute. I just have to wake up Alex," I said, pushing her out the door.

Right when I walked into Alex's room, I was bombarded by a ton of his cologne. I started to cough, grabbed his hands and pulled him outside. When I was about to get into my car, Sarah and Matthew, my stepbrother and stepsister, walked to me.

"Give me and Matthew a ride to school today," Sarah said, getting into my car.

"Okay, guess I'm giving the devil and his sister a ride," I said, mumbling.

"You are," Sarah said.

I drove all the way to school. Sarah, Matthew, Alex, and Jordyn got out, as well.

I walked to my friend, Tabatha, waiting for me.

"Hey, girly. Sucks being the only child in the family that can drive, don't it?" said my sassy bestie.

"Who's she?" I asked, pointing at the cutest girl ever.

"Oh, she's Kacey Williams. The most popular girl in the whole school, but she's not a preppy bitch, she's sweet," said

my best friend.

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