Pumpkin: Ultimate Humor Tales

A funny Movella for everyone that liked Pumpkin.


1. 10: Pumpkin's Note

With the ongoing creation of Diary of A Troubled Pumpkin, I have made...   The Humor Tale Countdown!

Pumpkin has 10 silly stories. It goes from the tenth silliest to the silliest!


Principal Zambaux was in his office.

Suddenly, his assistant knocked on the door. “Sir, a letter from Pumpkin.”

“From Pumpkin?

“He dropped it off on his way to class.”

“All right, then thank you.” He read:

“Dear Principal,

Hey there, big guy. I hope your day is going OK so far. I just want to take a moment to let you know how good of a principal you are. You do an awesome job as the leader of our school.”

Zambaux was drawn in, wondering where this was going.

“...You inspire confidence and make us feel safe. And speaking of safety, I couldn’t help but notice that we haven’t had a fire drill recently. So, could we have a fire drill this morning? And can it be at exactly 9:30?”

The principal was just plain annoyed now.




The principal threw it away.

In Ms. Cheesefiend’s class, Pumpkin could sense the principal’s feelings.

Just then, Ms. Cheesefiend spoke to the class. “You have fourty minutes to complete this test. Begin.”

Pumpkin just slumped down onto his desk. “I should of included a bribe...”

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