The Grid

What happened to Sephy?


1. The Grid

~~The Grid
‘’Colour, it’s a simple sentiment different tones and shades. The most prominent colours in this battle is white and black. Noughts and cross’s; a feud that has been carried down from generations, a war that has taken so many and ruined even more.  All of you here are Noughts that is what you have been labelled as but imagine a world where you were just John or Jill the tone of your skin didn’t matter. There are so many different shades and variations of one colour. There are so many different personalities and characteristics of a person. Colour holds no control over our actions. You may resent me, for I am a cross in a game of noughts. I too have suffered at the hands of discrimination. I want you to fight for freedom as I will fight for freedom. I want to live in a world driven by love and not fuelled by hatred. Where you can walk where you please and I can walk with you if I so chose to’’ As I spoke my words echoed across the court yard. Soon birds took off in fright as a loud cheer erupted from the White Sea before me. A shaky smile took full control of my face and there I stood sun shining down on me. My white dress sparkled as I basked in the unity of this moment. I raised my arm and waved at the crowed as I was ushered of the small podium.

 ‘’That was something’’ Malcom praised with a grin as he approached me. Malcom was a largely built man with thin grey hair and wire glasses framing his face. ‘’You’ve come a long way’’ he added in a proud tone. A melodic laughter tumbled out of my lips as I pat him on his cotton clad shoulders with glee. ‘’I learnt from the best’’ I retorted in a teasing manor. ‘’ I meant every word ‘’ I spoke as we drew closer to the car ‘’I want to create a world where our love could have lived’’ I whispered in a quiet gentle tone that was blown away by the summer breeze. Malcom looked down at me his old eyes twinkling with pride ‘’that is a mighty fine dream to have’’ he spoke cheerfully his huge chest heaving with the force of his care free laughter.

Then havoc struck; with a loud earth shattering crash a building nearby was engulfed in flames. I stood still. Possessed by fear, my eyes grew wide with terror as an army of shadows came charging in. The white see drew back in waves. Woman cried out in horror and made an attempt to scamper of to safety as the army of men hurtled towards them. Gun shots rang out piercing my ears. I griped onto Malcom’s arm only to draw back by fingers in fright at the dampness I felt there. My fingers where painted red. I drew a sharp breath and turned my head towards him. His once neatly pressed jacket was torn to pieces. His shirt was in shreds and dripped red. Malcom’s face was pale a sheen of sweat covered his skin and his eyes where glossed over. Soon he slid down the side of the car painting it red as he fell to the ground. I crotched next to him and pulled him into my arms. A torrent of tears fell down my face, ‘’Please Malcom, please no!’’ I knew he was dead. I knew there was no saving him. It’s almost as if the noise from this battle were drowning my prayers. I looked around there was no white, no black, no noughts and no crosses. Just red.  A crying white woman clutching the hand of her fallen lover as she screamed in agony the pain of her loss too much for her to bare. An old woman covered in red her face contorted in a silent scream that no one would ever hear. Among all this chaos I saw him, Callum standing still as if time had no effect on him his hair was dishevelled and a noose wrapped eloquently around his neck. His skin was pale and his head held up at an awkward angle.

‘Sephy, Sephy come on, are you done with the oil?’ a quiet harsh whisper broke my thoughts. I looked up to see Jamie looking at me his cold blue eyes full of hot concern. I looked around at  the minister’s office, all the furniture and the flour was shinny with oil ‘’Yeah I’m done’’ my voice filled with confusion as I had no relocation of completing my task.  ‘’Common we gotta go Stefan’s gonna light this Church up any minute now’’ his words tumbled out in a swift rapid pace as he griped my arm escorting me into the darkness. Our quick pace morphed into fierce running and with a crash of braking glass the church exploded into a boiling inferno. The flames licked our backs as we disappeared into the darkness which embraced us at every turn.

The sunlight streamed in from the large window behind a man seated behind the large oak desk. The office was simple, a large shelf guarded the entrance. Different books of assorted colours where enclosed within. A large rug was spread across the floor. Its emerald green colour glittered in the summer sunlight. Behind the desk sat a large black man he had thick black hair with flecks of silver which shimmered. His eyes where dark and he had a large nose centred on his face resting on top of his nose was thick silver rimmed glasses. He wore expensive clothing and sat on a thick large thick leather chair. The man sat looking down at a newspaper that read ‘Up in flames’ which had an image of a nearby church in flames. The only sound in the room was the rhythmic scribble of a pen. A large thudding sound echoed across the room ‘’come in’’ The man spoke with displeasure lacing his words. A large burley man stumbled into the office he was tall with broad shoulders he had a thick moustache that hung over his lips. He wore a cheap jacket and a dark coloured shirt. He walked across the room in long careful strides and laid out five photographs across the desk. The first photograph was of a church which had been engulfed by flames a thick cloud of smoke filled the air. The next two images where of a group of people running the flames licking their heels as they fled. The fourth image seemed to startle the man seated in the leather chair. The image was of a young woman stood in front of an old house her hair was wild and brown in colour; it was cast around her face. The woman had an innocent beauty that was shared by the serious glint in her coal like eyes. The man seated at the desk and looked up at the intruder ‘’you found them’’ he grumbled his words overlapping with his disbelief. The man replied swiftly ‘’Yes Mr Hadley... she’s being kept in a house deep in the woods’’ the man spoke with shy uncertainty lacing each word. The man began to leave the room but came to a stop near the door and turned around to Mr. Hadley ‘’Sir…I think, I think she’s there willingly ’’ the man spluttered out. Mr. Hadley’s face contorted in fear ‘’No sir…she is captured held against her will, you will not tell me or anyone else otherwise is that clear Mr. Specter’’ As each word escaped his lips Mr. Hadley rose from his seat until he stood menacingly before Mr. Specter. ‘’Now go and get my daughter’’ Mr. Hadley burst out shattering the silence in the room. Mr. Specter gathered the photography in a clumsy disorganized manner and left swiftly with a slam of the door.

I stumbled through the forest a small bundle of soft cloth was in my arms. The trees lashed out at my bear arms and my floral dress was torn by the thick branches and thorns. I cast a look behind me and saw he flickering flames being held high as the crowd advanced towards me. I had to run faster the bundle in my arms stirred and cried out but the sound were drowned out by my heavy breathing. The child’s distress drowned by my own fear. Up ahead I saw through the thick foliage and breaking the darkness was a flicker of light coming from a torch of flames. I stumbled into a clearing the moonlight shown down on it and glanced around in desperation as I realized I was surrounded a group of crosses blocked my every path and soon enough they advanced towards me I found myself separated from the child in my arms, my baby. I cried out in agony as I was gripped by rough dark hands. A man was roughly snatched my baby from my arms. I fought kicking and screaming trying to claw my way out. A small ground disappeared into the woods holding my child hostage her crying rang around the woods ‘’No!’’ I screeched in fear ‘’don’t cry for that mixed beast’’ I heard a bitter voice splutter behind me’’ I heard a bitter voice behind me as they began to beat and kick me. I was held up as punch after punch rained down on me soaking my body purple with bruises. They let go of me and disappeared into the shadows my body could not take the weight of my failure and I fell to the ground in defeat. My eyes fluttered closed and the last thing I saw was Callum stood before me a noose wrapped eloquently around his neck thick tears fell down his face. I had failed.

My eyes snapped open breathing deeply I glanced around the room. My grand wardrobe sparked in the moonlight. Old cream colored curtains flew around in the summers breeze, as my senses awakened I began to hear loud noises smothered by the distance. This room had a foreign familiarity it was my room in a house that I longed desperately to forget. Then it hit me. They had come for me ‘’Put your hands up’’ a deep voice yelled out the sounds muffled. My farther had found me. His broad shoulders cold eyes he looked exactly as he had the day he killed Callum ‘’you’re coming with me right now before I shoot these boys down right here’’ his words where harsh and pierced my every being. I stumbled to my feet fleeing from my room. That room. With new found urgency I ran down a corridor ‘’String them up at midday Mr. Galloway’’ I heard the muffled voice boom from my father’s study. I came to a sudden halt. My horror grew and tore me apart. I stumbled back to the harsh familiarity of the room I had Just fled preferring it to this new danger.
 The walls where white as I entered a small wooden bead on the corner and metal bars incasing the small window. I fell to the ground in utter pain as to the corner of my room so quiet and still Jamie and Stefan stood a fresh new rope around there pale necks looking at me in betrayal. Standing between them was Callum a noose hung eloquently around his neck a small pale bundle in his arms.

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