Buttercup's Perspective

I don't even know lol
Poem inspired by The Hunger Games :p


1. I Have My Own Issues

Am I ugly?

I seem to get the impression that I am

It’s the look of disgust when she glares at me

Like I care anyway - who gives a damn?

Why is she always so angry?

Sometimes it does concern me

It’s not like she faces life or death everyday like I do-

It’s only a matter of time until she kills me

She’s tried before

Oh, how she’s tried

But she’s given up now

She wouldn’t dare touch her sister’s beloved, so now I don’t have to hide

Everyone is so uptight

I can see it on their faces

Perhaps I should be worried too

But I’m just a useless cat. What can I do?


Prim told me yesterday about all on her mind

I suppose I sympathise with Katniss now

I guess she goes through more than I imagine, but she is still a pain in the behind

Prim is scared.

I told her not to be

Katniss’ death-stare alone can pierce a person’s heart

Her iciness can freeze their veins

Prim said not to speak of her that way

I said I was just trying to help

Then she walked away

Then I suddenly remembered! Oh, goodness how could I forget? Snap!

With all this hassle, I forgot my own issues

I haven’t yet had my nap.

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