Stars Of White

Sherlock, John, Katniss and Peeta find themselves in danger when a relic from the past surfaces in the middle of a village just outside London, and they are not the only ones who are looking for it.


1. The Beginning

What would happen if we were thrown into another time? What would happen if the things we had been dreaming of, our worst nightmares, were to come true? For John Watson, there used to be nothing more frightening than the sound of Sherlock shooting a V.R. onto the wall at Baker Street. Now, as he and Sherlock hurtled through the trees, he was stunned that he had ever found such an event frightening.

That was not the beginning of their story. Their story began in London, on the 23rd October. They had been sat in their apartment, looking forlornly at the V.R. in the wall. The gunfire had just sounded for the last time as John managed to wrench the revolver from Sherlock’s grasp. They were sat in armchairs, directly next to each other. John sighed, “Mrs Hudson is going to kill you.” Sherlock glanced to the left, at John, “You think so?” John gave him a brief sideways glance, but did a double take when he realised that Sherlock was staring at him, “No. No, Sherlock, she wouldn’t.” Sherlock seemed relieved, but John muttered, “But I might.” Sherlock frowned, “What?” “Sherlock, you are going to send our rent sky high. There was the dog and the head in the cupboard and now this.”      

John had asked Sherlock, after they had spoken of the rent, and got their, in John’s case quite substantial, feelings out, what had made his eyes look so old. When they had first met, the dark grey of Sherlock’s eyes had stunned him, but now, they seemed cold and distant. They had walked after their argument. They strolled out of Baker Street, across Trafalgar Square and along Piccadilly (and those were only the stations of some significance), and made their way to the place which they had actually come to see. Along the outskirts of the great city of men, there was a small village, and a trial was to be held there, so great in the history of the world that it would shape the future.         


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