Short Stories


1. Being killed

I never was that sure about myself, i never was as sad as i’m now. I shall be with my friends, but i’m walking by my own in a quartier i never was before. All over the street are homeless people with wierd expresions that are gaving me chills when i’m looking at them. 
The creepy atmosphere was scaring me and all i have in my mind in that time was that i want to go home, but i don’t even know where home is. I stoped my tears just to not show my feelings with those people. A redhead guy with long hair was following me. I looked back just to see him more closer. His eyes were red, like out of season tomato. 
It happened very fast when he jumped on my back, trying to bit my neck. ‘What the hell you’ve think you are doin’?’ i asked but he grumble as respond. My heart start to bit faster as i tryied to run. ‘Somebody help me!’ i yelled looking disperate at the homeless people who were laying on the street. They didn’t help me! It was just like a tv show for them, and a frightening moment for me. 
The red head guy pulled of a gun and he shoot me without hesitation.I’d never know i’ll die so young. 

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