As I Stand

this is a poem based on some of the events in the book if I stay


1. As I stare

As I stare
Into the blizzard of doom
The whole sky lights up
As though a global power cut is over

The skies are sleeting down
Into the aftermath of a dreadful silence
Followed by a devastating peace.
The sound of a million shattering hearts
Muffled by a bed of icicles.

When it started
My heart forgot a beat
My eye didn’t leak a tear
The car burst
Every light flickered
And time held still.

My future melted,
My dreams fused
Black ice ruptured my mind.
I’m made of a vacuum,
There is nobody for me now.
My life is hollow and battered            

My body bruised and useless,
Too frozen to even shed a drop
For my departed.
All hope defeated
In an avalanche of fate.                   

Beside my body,
I swallow the icy air
A tremendous weight sits on me
Making heaven shudder.
I have the answer
But don’t know the question         
The secret is that it’s up to me.

As I stand and stare
The start of the end begins.

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