The Vengence Seeker

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  • Published: 23 Feb 2015
  • Updated: 23 Feb 2015
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Writing this story has opened my mind to new opportunities and developed new skill. Studying Gothic literature and Dracula this year at school has had an impact on my written work. But a lot of my inspiration has come from everything around me, including the horror film ‘The Woman in Black’.
Also, Shakespeare's imagery has given me a better understanding into Gothic literature, making my story about more than just the death of Ren’s mother.
This leads me onto what my story is really about, so I’ll let my words do the talking. However, The Vengeance Seeker is about a young girl who’s trying to move forward. Ren has had nothing but heartbreak in her life , along with the desire to find out the truth of her mother’s murder. So when she hears something in the attic she just has to know what’s up there. Nobody would suspect what she found, maybe that’s the excitement underneath it all.
So, if you really want to find out, go ahead, but once you’ve opened the door there’s no going back!


1. The Vengence Seeker

~~The Vengeance Seeker by Bethany Wood

After five long years, my mother’s mysterious death still tormented me to that very day that I saw the prospect for revenge. Many problems I thought I had faced before, but none as heart-wrenching as my mother’s death. I was determined to find out who or what dared to steal her from me and when I did, they were going to pay!
I was nearly twenty, a woman with a strong, capable mind; I had waited until now to finally seek out my vengeance. Now, it was awaiting and I was ready.
My name is Ren and this is what became of my victim.
I awoke, a chill raced through my trembling body. Nightmares had entered my sleep - of my past, of the demise of both my parents. I’d slept from 1:00am all the way through to the dark hours of 8:00pm. The night sky rippled with a black shimmer, a beautiful image in my eyes. The wind howled ferociously all around me. Like a swarm of harsh whispers, it tugged me across the rustic, threadbare carpet beneath my feet, all the way to the rotting, decrepit window. I stared out of the smoky glass and I saw the grim archetypal of a tree that swayed, as if to wave farewell to the soul deep within me.
Many dark, frightful evenings I had seen, never more threatening than the one that rose around me. I lived alone; yet I could feel the gnarled fingers of non-existent hands brushing my skin. It was as if the house was alive, every gust of wind and scratch of the floor boards made me cower, like a demon before the devil. I’d stayed up all night, curiosity racing through my disturbed mind. I had survived in this derelict, dilapidated house for over 5 years and yet I had never ventured into the cellar, or the attic?
I needed something, anything to take away the molesting pain brewing within me. For the thoughts of my ill father’s last desperate breath and my mother’s murderer still alive consumed me like a fire burning me up inside. The only thing to do was to defy my normal lifestyle and exploit the secrets within the subterraneous tunnels, deep in the cellar below.
A second later I stood before the rusted hatch, which led me down an unescapable path. What was the sudden adrenalin kick raging through me? Unlocking the chain that hugged the hatch, I entered. Suddenly, I understood why it was locked to such extent. Silence wrapped around me like a cloak …
”BANG!”…the silence was no longer. A light sped towards me, a warning of danger rapidly approaching. I reached up to hold my mother’s necklace, which was…was…GONE! I stared into the sudden darkness and saw what I’d only just lost. But as I edged my way forward, to retrieve what was mine, I noticed a solemn merciless figure that stood before me: the devil in my presence!
Death is all I saw coming my way, I couldn’t turn back. All that was ahead of me, all I had to face was for my loved one. I smelt anger amongst the sound of my death sentence soon to be. The air that surrounded me was murky. That’s when I saw them: millions of dead, creatures lay around me, nothing but fear on their faces. Stiff as I was, I couldn’t let my mind slip. I didn’t come here to die; I certainly wasn’t willing to give up yet. I ran at full speed, hitting the unknown right in the stomach.
My hand clasped the prize jewels at the last moment. However, my aim faulted and I landed in a heap on the shattered floor. Its eyes were red flames, yet they never found me. The demon was blind! The distressed silhouette toppled over my legs, which lay limp on the cold, hard ground. I struck my arms out in front of me. All I heard was a screech as my nails dragged through his skin. I knew it was male, from the deep bellow in his voice.
My eyes were closed tightly and I burned with fear, its flames roaring over me. The horror over, I claimed my mother’s intricately designed necklace; once more I felt at peace. I sped back in the opposite direction; my mind span with all that had happened.
Once this nightmare had been locked away, I sighed with relief. But who was I?………….. Or, a better question … What was I? Thinking I’d been reprieved from the pain still lurking inside of me had been a mistake. For now an avalanche of memories cursed my brain.
It was as clear as a full moon, the glare spread across its face. The reasons behind my loneliness without caring, the not eating for nearly a month, the solution to why I was so quick, who the murderer was of the things in the cellar beamed down on me. It was me! I was the murderer, the predator, I was a vampire - a blood thirsty, spirited weapon.
Startled, I felt a breath on my bare shoulder, goose bumps rose like a million tiny tsunamis in action. I knew not whom or what, only I would soon find out. I span on my feet. The sounds of screaming winds and screeching floorboards reached out to me from the desolated attic that stared down at me. My instincts told me to pull further into my past and unfold the secrecy inside the attic. My new power gave me hope, hope was no defence mechanism. The stairs that led me to the myriad of noise were no obstacle. But, if I were to climb them, who knew what was behind the closed door.
Even so, I headed on, speed my strength. I launched open the bellowing door. One shadowed window shed light across the room, cobwebs hung to the walls like children to a new toy. For a split second, I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. The rocking chair in the furthest corner swung backwards forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards!
All I could do was stand there, gaping. I hoped it would end, but like I’d discovered before, hope wouldn’t get me anywhere.
I clawed my way across the floorboards. When I’d approached the unfathomable, continuously rocking chair, what came my way I didn’t expect.
My existence was known and it flew from the chair and slashed my face.
It was in the form of a bat, but had the face of a human  -  the face of my mother……….
My name is Ren and this is what became of my victim………….



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