Review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

My film review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire :)


1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film Review

Suzanne Collins’ thrilling the bestseller, The Hunger Games, has made teens flock to the cinema in a frenzy of excitement. But why?
Friends and enemies from the 75th Hunger Games were thrown, once again, into a bloodthirsty arena. The Capitol watch in pleasure as they kill each other in their gruesomely desperate hope for survival. No one has a choice. Twenty-four tributes are chosen. One person wins.
It should be simply depressing, right? Old friends forced to murder each other- for the second time round- so they can go back to the sugar-coated world where they could never truly live. Peeta’s jaw-droppingly gigantic jawline can’t even distract us from the fact that’s as obvious as President Snow’s majorly inconvenient resemblance to Santa: it all just sounds like I’m A Celebrity, gone wrong.
Yet it’s not.
Francis Lewis, director of the thriller I Am Legend (which starred our favourite guy from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) eliminates any possibilities of dozing off during the film.
Yet now President Snow’s (Philip Seymour Hoffman’s) precious granddaughter has begun to wear her hair like J-Law too- and the Girl On Fire is inevitably triggering a rebellion- things start to get heated up. There’s maniacal monkeys; blood literally begins to rain and relationships become as fake as Stanley Tucci’s teeth… and that’s saying something. And seriously, don’t even get me started about the most crazily cunning alcoholic I’ve ever enjoyed watching, I mean, what’s up with Haymich’s hair?!
Intriguing relationships, poignant dialogue and an endless supply of action inevitably makes you root for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence- but don’t worry, her skin isn’t still blue from her role in X-Men) and the boy with the bred (Josh Hutcherson). Genius.
Think that the love triangle and cleverly constructed plot might be similar to Twilight? Not a chance. Katniss isn’t some weak girl who immediately falls for the first vaguely cute boy she sees. Peeta doesn’t ditch Katniss, believing it’s ‘for the best’, while going into some sort of downright creepy hibernation, oblivious to the fact that Katniss would be losing her mind without him. Oh, and did I mention? Katniss doesn’t immediately fall for a VAMPIRE that waxes his eyebrows after love at first sight (consisting of Edward gagging for the whole of first period, before dashing from the classroom like she had the plague. Hopelessly romantic, eh?). Teens will love this romance because it isn’t sickeningly pathetic.
Moving swiftly on.
Catching Fire expands Suzanne Collins’ bestselling novel beyond the confines of the arena, tackling some seriously deep and thought-provoking questions about human nature. Make no mistake, Katniss is no longer the girl with the pretty little dresses. In her own words, “I grew out of them”. Now she is the glowing girl on fire, and the flickering flames of her feisty fearlessness are shining stronger than ever in this thrilling adaptation. Her fire is burning, and if she burns, they burn with her.
We can only hope that she remembers who the real enemy is.
Yet although Katniss has a seemingly endless supply of arrows- in an arena designed to kill her- we know the odds are far from being forever in her favour…

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