A Greater Woman Than I


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Dear Cat, Of course it has been no trouble doing some translating for you. It’s a pleasure to help! It’s actually been really interesting and very good to be exercising the French side of my brain after so many years. So, this is the full translation of the letters you sent me. It seems that most of the letters are not actually written or addressed to your ancestor, Elizabeth Darcy, after all, but were written by a maid working at Pemberley Estate. Her name was Adeline and it appears she was French, which explains why the letters aren’t written in English. In fact, it seems these letters were written in the few months after Elizabeth’s wedding to Fitzwilliam. There is one letter however, the last of Adeline’s letters, that is actually addressed to Elizabeth. As far as I can tell, the rest of them are written to her mother, but we can’t be sure because of the burnt bits, and that also means I wasn’t sure on the order they were written (there’s only a few with dates). I’ve put them in the order I think seems right, but it might still be hard to follow, as there are chunks missing, but I think you can still understand what’s happening in most of it. The little piece of paper you found seems to have a sort of title written on it and I presume that was written by Elizabeth. That reads “The letters of Adeline Pierron, a much greater woman than I.” So, I really hope this brings the answers you’ve been looking for, Cat. I know you’ve been working really hard on this family tree thing and I’m sure you’ll find this pretty interesting. Adeline was an amazing woman and I think Elizabeth must have been too to have kept these letters safe for so many years. Anyway, see you soon lovely, Lydie x
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