Life's a thing

Well I certainly didn't want to write more of this but hey whatever. You can pretty easily figure out what happened by the second chapter so I will try think of some more interesting stuff later. FEEDBACK PLS ♥



1. What happened on Tuesday.

I went to school yesterday.  Thats what you do on Tuesdays, after all.  And Mondays.  And Wednesdays.  And every other day that isn't a holiday, Saturday or Sunday.  I think I may have killed someone in chemistry class.  I can't really tell, though.  They kind of stopped breathing and wouldn't answer me when I quite audibly shouted 'Sorry for impaling you, are you alright' in their left ear.  Someone called the police I think.  They'll be fine.  They've been impaled like that several times before and are always completely better the next week.

You know, like every other ghost.

I had maths yesterday as well, although nothing as exciting happened then.  Well, except for the dragon that broke through the window and set half the classroom on fire, but my teacher had a shotgun and that was quickly taken care of.  The rest of my lessons were uneventful as well, with only two murderers breaking into the school and one of those was at lunch so I suppose it doesn't count.

I went home and played video games like I usually do.  Video games are fun because of how unrealistic they are.  It took me several shots from a much larger shotgun to kill a dragon in the game whereas, as I mentioned previously, they could normally be killed very quickly with very little weaponry or effort.  It was getting close to dawn when I finally killed the bloody thing, so I went to bed.  And I dreamed.

I have the weirdest dreams.

There was a street in the dream but not a normal street with floating, green buildings and roads made of red grass.  No.  This street was almost completely grey with towering, rectangular buildings not even reaching the fourth dimension.  There was no grass on the roads but cars instead - tiny, landbourne cars with people sitting behind little wheels in the front of each one.  The only noticeable colour came from glowing signs stuck on the buildings saying things like 'New!  Super energy beverage X-TREME STRAWBERRY' and 'Bankworth bank company' in large, flashy text.  

Then there was the door.

And my dead body on the other side.

You know, like every other ghost.




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